Destination of PVEM; Mantienen multa por impressors

Ciudad de Mexico. The Magistrates of the Superior Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Poder of the Federation (TEPJF) have not confirmed the impact of PVEM or its effects on 118.5 million people by publishing their messages on social media without contact, in contact Violent election messages in the electoral process of June 6, 2021.

With the vote against the magician Mónica Soto, the other Cincinnati integrations of the Sala Proproto prouesto by the Magistrado component Indalfer Infante and destroy the agravius ​​allegados by the part and the personalizations of the victory moladas.

It confirms the specialization of the sala that specializes in considering the violations of the electoral law and its effectiveness in equidad with the contingent with its messages with bases in a guy preestablecido by the political part, and by the political part.

“The following links are with the character of the impacters, pagoda, enteraga del guion, spontaneidad, and libertad de expressión, se consideran infundados, pue de un analisis de contenido sob elra requisito de la infoción de contes. The need for social media content, such as publications and other elements, concludes that messages converge within, and that content is part of the platform with its content. laviretés de lavirus ”

“In the realm of guinea pigs it is considered that because of its natural consequence it is difficult to direct direct action.

The magistrates considered the effects of the PVEM and its impacters -persones with impact in the public opinion for the activism that realizes or because of the number of followers in their red sociales-, respect and respect for their messages.

There is no probable cause that this conduct or credit will be obtained in another case derived from an indagator of INE confirmed by the jurisdictional organ.

“Respect for the publications, results because this is a system that does not have an economic retribution element to acknowledge the infractions, the trappings of the mediums.” Location prior to the search. corrects with the resolution of SUP RAP 172/2021 “, due to sensitivity.

In this case, the PVEM has been accused of violating the privilege of securing the supremacy of the law, regardless of whether the magistrates require a reasonable respect. de la segunda ocasión. And there is a relationship with the violation of the principle of equidad in the contenda, because that is what makes them different.

On the one hand, those who die at the hands of the impacters and participate in their reclamation by the Order of the Sala Specialize that the Sanctuaries have to be published for about 30 days in their red sociales that have violated the rules, as a Course on equidad in a process of selection.

These instruments, like the repercussions of the dawn fouron, have eliminated the sensation of apricots.

“Determining that the agrarian funds funded by (mediates) despotic and no resultant outcomes, or that the various mediums that are implicit in a multa and inscribed in the Register of Sujetos Infractures fines for infracting information alfinidas para sujetos. ”

In March, the PVEM and 76 influencers fueron sensations for violating the electoral leprosy and the election of the 6th of June 2021, to promote the message of the party.

Not the first oscillation in the act as the PVEM. Determining the distribution of a mult of 25 per cent of its official financing, equivalent to 118.5 million pesos.

The 76 people were sensitized by multiple impressions between 4,481 and 133,437 pesos, with a base on their economic integrity before the SAT.

Entre los impacters sancionados están los Actors Gabriel Soto, Raul Areza, Laura G and Barbara Regel.

Some of them do not impose a multi-debtor that declares in the past the fiscal authority; In 23 cases continually the diligence due to the loss of data, it seems that the data of several individuals extradited furon remittas to the Secretariat of Governance.