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While the benchmark S&P 500 index has fallen as much as 13% since this time last month, shares of the discount retailer Dollar General (NYSE: DG, 30% jumped. So while many people on Wall Street may have never bought, you can be sure that they are sitting, taking notice and starting to consider a position now. The Tennessee-headquartered company reported its Q1 earnings in late May, and it seems to have been the main catalyst for the rally that’s still going on before our very eyes. Earlier, and since the last week of April, shares had fallen 30% to a new 52-week low. while they were still a long way Above their COVID lows, it was an ominous drop for investors.

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But a solid beat on both EPS and revenue, coupled with an inflated forecast, was enough to prop up shares in early June. Jefferies’ team didn’t hang around and quickly called Dollar General a “classic defensive stock” that can be expected to outperform during a tough macroeconomic backdrop. As Dollar General CEO Todd Vasos said with a recent earnings report, “Despite ongoing headwinds due to supply chain pressures and increased inflation, we are focused on controlling what we can control.” And delivered solid financial resultswhich exceeded our expectations for sales and EPS for the quarter”.

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It’s surprising that stocks already had no bids before the report, but Wall Street can be so funny sometimes. The update also confirmed that the company’s share repurchase program was still underway, which told investors that management still believed the company’s shares were undervalued. To be fair, it’s probably no surprise that the likes of Dollar General and other discount retailers stand to do well during a cost of life crisis, just as we are, when inflation eats into the value of your savings. And millions of families have to tighten the proverbial belt. In fact, only last April, Dollar General’s shares were hits a new all-time highSomething that people investing in tech stocks haven’t seen for months.

For those of us in the limelight predicting an out-and-out recession by the end of the year, there’s a worse place to park your cash than shares in Dollar General. Many Wall Street analysts are already highlighting the possibility of another recession in early 2023, while some fund managers are pushing these bearish forecasts even further. There are benefits to discount retailers likely to be amplified In the case of a recession, as seen during the 2008 crash.

That seems to be the thinking behind Morgan Stanley’s upgrade to Dollar General shares last week, as they saw their ratings have a favorable risk-reward slant with more than equal-weight gain. Analyst Simeon Gutman and team said Dollar General fits the firm’s theme with quality, defensive retailers with aggressive characteristics. In a note to clients, Gutman wrote “It is arguably our most defensive, counter-cyclical company – yet while the stock outperformed the market Year over year, it has performed only in-line with the other defensive stocks in our coverage.”

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He noted that even in a longer recession, Dollar General is expected to continue to outperform with growth in physical earnings and valuations. Businesses are known to be an income compounder even if the economy does not enter a recession with a number of specific catalysts and initiatives. The company’s margin trajectory is Also called more durable Morgan Stanley appreciated much more than it did at the start of the year, and this played a part in their decision to raise the price target to $250, with marginally increased estimates and valuation framework. From where the shares closed on Tuesday, it shows that even after the recent rally, it is yet to rise by more than 5%. Don’t be surprised if this level breaks out in the coming sessions and the April high of $262 is left in the dust shortly after.
Why Dollar General (Nyse:dg) Should Be In Your Portfolio