DhiWise takes the tedium out of programming

Programming involves a lot of monotonous tasks. Based in Gujarat, India, slow wise wants to make things less difficult for developers with its programming automation platform. company that won Product Hunt’s Golden Kitty Award for Developer Tool of the Year Last year, it was announced today that it has raised $7 million in Series A funding led by Accel and Together Fund, with participation from India Quotient. The round also included participation from the founders of companies including WebEngage, Fleetx and Rocketlane. This raises the total amount of DhiWise to approximately $9.5 million.

Founded in April 2021 by former IT consultant CEO Vishal Virani and CTO Rahul Shingla, Dhivaiz has been in beta phase during the last eight months and claims that it has so far saved over one million hours of programming for its 30,000 users .


Dhiwaiz co-founders Rahul Shingla and Vishal Virani

DhiWise’s platform converts design into code with data binding, authentication, run time permissions, authorization and more, allowing developers to focus on business logic and core algorithms. It generates structured, readable and modular code in MVC and clean code that can be built for scalability later.

As Virani explained, “With each new app design, developers need to write code for the UI and frontend developers need to work on data-binding to make the application dynamic, in general, In the development of any app, 60% of the time is simply consumed by this mundane programming.DhiWise automates all this mundane programming through its platform where developers can feed inputs in minutes to generate hours’ worth of source code. Dhivez’s smart algorithms transform all the metadata provided by users on the platform into clean, readable and customizable code.”


Virani and Shingla worked together for eight years at an IT consultancy they founded with a team of 150 developers who built 200 projects for clients in 24 countries. During that time, they deployed low-code and no-code tools, including the Figma-to-code conversion platform. But their results lacked the required code quality and architecture, or had too many dependencies on the tool with which it was built.


“We had previously set up an IT consultancy, we built software products for North American companies and grew the topline to over a million dollars,” Virani said. “There was a recurring pain point that we experienced that prompted us to install DhiWise. Developers are not able to realize their peak work potential as they spend too much time doing mundane tasks.”


He said that “usually, people hire more developers to share this workload. But developers, not unlike oil, are a finite resource. You can’t keep throwing valuable resources at things that technology can solve.” can.”

Launching DhiWise involved six months of research and development and a team of over 50 developers who came up with algorithms to automate the programming lifecycle, while focusing on source code standards that allow developers to code later. allows to build on.

Virani said Dhiveva’s main competitor is Anima App, but it differentiates itself by focusing on the developer experience. “All the other tools available today are limited to automating design to code whereas Dheewise is laser-focused on automating all parts of the programming lifecycle.”


The new investment will allow DhiWise to import the design system into its upcoming releases, adding features such as auto-detection of reusable components from Figma Design, and declarative UI. It will keep React and Flutter apps at the core of its value proposition.

In a pre-prepared statement, Together Fund founding partner Manav Garg said, “Dhiwaiz’s vision of enabling today by embedding ~30 million professional developers directly into their workflows and not requiring them to change their behavior, is compelling. ”

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