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El Guberno d Baja California assumes that there will be no private resources in the political campaigns for the elections in this state from June 6, 2021 and that there will be no authoritative investigation. Falso de toda falsedad.

On the 13th of June, we announced that we had a private dinner, triangulated with fantasy empires, and joined the campaign of Morena, Victor Manuel Castroque a la postre ganaría la gubernatura.

“No matter what happens, no matter what happens. No matter what happens to this periodist, there is really nothing wrong with it,” he said. Alonso GutierrezSecretary of State for Economics, as well as the Record.

Be that as it may, we have included bancaris depictions, electronic messages and testimonials of some entrepreneurs, which are their functions, to facilitate the operation of the financial sector.

The protagonist in this passage is Charola Fue el mismo que nos desmintió, Gutiérrez Martínez, pero también fue el encargado de hacer compromises, a nombre de su jefe, con los padrinos de la campaignña del candida de Morena. The problem is that it has not been compiled and it is good that the heels have been removed.

We have three plants: from 30 September 2021 the “financier operator” of the current governor received three deposits (we have copies) for 475 mil pesos, 315 mil pesos and 290 depora pas of one of the campuses.

Tales deputed from the number of enterprises as Recuhem SA CV in the first case, ASPRA Media Digital SA CV in the second and Group HBL Publicistas SA de CV in the third.

From time immemorial Que las recursos se triangularan para que los gastos de campaña se diluyeran en empresas supuestamente no vinculadas al partido, pero se usaron para apoyar al candidato.

These are just three of the things that happen to you and it is important that you keep up with the electorates as fiscals and financiers are investigating these furon “pedidos” to the entrepreneurs who want to make a fuss.

As the saying goes, one of the three seasons: El INE de Lorenzo Cordovael SAT de Raquel Beaunerostro y la UIF de Pablo Gomez tienen materia qué Investigate.


CON RESPECTO A The repertoire of the Altamont submarine, Hector Gomez ServantsIt is necessary to declare that the condensed Banorte fue product of fraudulent manioc, the quails are always improper by the equipo deal propio banco que preside Carlos Hank Gonzalez, which implies that the ascendant is still active. It is important to declare that Banorte does not consider the official dictation of Donde to obey the calculation. In contrast, the argument has been argued against distinguished statements that the official opinion was realized with elements engaged and falsified by the person contradicting it. Moreover, in the intervening interventions these individually retrieve the same information that was elaborated with the base in the artifacts found to prove a prophetic, with the difference that the mausoleum always tried to hide. Mysteriously ahora se lbevaron a cabo argucias para que ese mismo dictamen fraudulent prosperara, a pesar de que desde el 27 de mayo de se se resolvió que los documents de los que el perito se valió una y otra vezsícíansar de conceiçãro the liquidation. The trampoline operation resulted in a series of misunderstandings and abuses that led the United Nations agent to redeem tentacles behind the inversion and not the percentage of Monto Total proprietary inversion. Al respecto, el banco que dirige Marcos Ramirez Denying the heck of a carpeta in the investigation of the results of the process for the commissioning of a variety of specifications. Not to mention that the formation of the Altamont is not the same as in the past: what is discouraged is that from the 1st of May 2008, it became clear that the market was divided into the countries of the Virgin Islands, the island of the Islands. Vírgenes dichajánica de tener capacitad para disponer de sus bienes ya pesar de ello, en oktober de 2010, cedió los derachos litigiosos del juicio de juorte mediante maniobras fraudulentas conducidas por quien fue su entonces director.


Air Auto Audio D. Alejandro Gertz Manero exhibiting the manera tin sui Géneris como conduce la Fiscalía General de la República (FGR). Here are some telephone conversations from the escort reclamando a Emilio Luzoya Thalmann an emperor who promotes the defense of his hijo, and includes the exaggerated change to “this pinche bandedo abogadete”, en alusi an a Javier Coelho TrejoWho rejoined the junior 2020 to the defense of the ex-director of Pemex, Emilio Luzoya Austin. This is the worst abuse I’ve ever had in sex Carlos Selenas de Gortari Like “the hero of the fiscal year”, they also came across the property of Gertz Manero and his family in various occasions. Divorce your hija and “resc” your husband, Federico, the secret that denounces in that he maintains his concubine, who fuses and tries to process. Coello Trejo is a personally interested in the political life of the country: long after the public fun of the dela claro that could be justified without the politics, a lexicon that would have killed a lot of people. Hoy es exitoso y socorrido litigante y su despacho es de los más respectados del país. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! This is a wonderful way to screw people over.


EL PROCESO DE The sale of Banamex is contaminating the whole of the interior that displays the interstates in the central banks of the world and for the decomposition of the economies of Russia and Ukraine. These two factors were not established in the city of Rita de Riti, which presided Jane Fraser, when announcing its decision to negotiate the minor bank in our country. This Negro panorama is proving that the valuations that originally made in New York York are despised and we realize that the vendor part is not present at all. De hecho, las huestes de Manuel Romeo or receive offers of vinculants that do not satisfy their expectations. So it was difficult to accept the message to the other side of the corona of the Mexican bank.

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Senior Director:

The proposition published in the column La Cuarta Transformation el junio 17, quiro hacer las siguientes precisiones.

The banner did not deactivate the juicio, because of the contraption, it was full of political events, appeals, amps and revisions with those who were looking for the pagoda that they met in condolence firm. The cello was realized by a media official with official consent by Banorte and his entourage aboard Fernando del Castillo.

The formation of the Empire Altamont Securities Limited in the Virgin Islands Islands took a cabo with a total of the leis que regan at this moment. The discussion of litigious cases is debated documented before public without que misma haya sido declada nula y sin que banorte la haya impugnado.

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