Dirigentes en standby

Y fue el dirigente nacional del PRI, Alejandro MorenoWhoever decides to hack mutis Before the new envelope of their entourage in the parting, the solicitors convinced a new reunion of the three pendants, to enter the quintessence of the “repentance” part. First of all there are some good results that are available. So, we will see, that this is very active in social movements, the trails of the bus will be shown near the main militia. Ademeás de participa en el el Consejo Nacional de la Conferencia de Legisladores Locales Priistas, y se reunió con magistrados electorales locales. Por lo pronto quedaron en Ready Claudia Ruiz Massieu, Carolina Monroy, Manlio Fabio Beltrones, César Camacho, Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, Beatriz Paredes, Roberto Madrazo, Dulce María Suri, Humberto Roque y el senador Miguel Osorio Chong. Uf

We think that the messages of the senator Ricardo Monreal We are looking at the last few days of different differences from Matiz respecting the others that have progressed internally. This secret will not be considered “official” official, qualitative that, because of this, it will be considered considerable. But, as a result, he said, if he refrains from saying, “This is luchando in Morena, I have 25 years of luchar al lado del Presidente” que está pasando y que el límite mío es la dignidad “. I was still thinking that I was going to get to the point where I didn’t depend on everyone else, but I was saying that “I want to stay in Morena, but if I get tired of it, it’s complicated for me”. And that includes the league to sustain its permanence. “I will not accept the prescription of the group in the hope of continuing in Morena, rectifiquen. Ahí el conjunto de dichos. Ya se irán viendo los hechos.

Importantly, we comment, that just the day of the United Nations for the Public Administration, which was celebrated on the 23rd of June, the federal dependence of the Gobierno enfocad in this activity, is this, the Secretariat of the Function, caro Roberto Salcedo, which will convey some relevant results in professionalization material. Among these indicators, there is a need to make it possible for more than 450 million people to go to the federal government, to study courses and diplomas with their quadruple capabilities and capabilities to meet the potential requirements. human rights; Legal status and transparency. This is very important and the one that is present in the Public Function, the best.

Since the plague has not been repeated since the integration of PRI into the Nuevo Leó Congreso, those who dedicate themselves to the training of Monterrey with the enormous rhetoric of their part. The misconceptions of the partisans about the pipas – the questions that enveloped some zones. The data of the priests’ priests has not been passed for the part of the governor Samuel Garcia, MC, who presented a statement before the Electoral Commission to use public research with political penalties and resolutions. But not the only ones. The federal deal with PT and its part, Alberto Anaya, Donó la fabulosa cantidad de ¡dos tinacos! for the community. But this, of course, is necessary for some portals to define their magnitude. La Crisis del Agua Pura la que atraviesa la Zona Metropolitana de Monterrey es bastante tomb. For this result is lamentable that only those who seek politically with him. Uf

The 19th article in the organization recommends sending a message to the periodicist Francisco Rivera Cruzfor the part of the President Municipal Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, Maria Atzi Kamacho Zapien. In the diary Gente del Balsas, the communicator firm has a note on the observations that led to the superior auditor of the state on the public from the public hearings by part of the Morena durante in its prime administration. They are very comfortable for the archetypal function against the periodical and the demand for supremacy of morality. Argument that present the recourse “a personal title”, but its legal representation for the litigation es Francisco Alberto Rangel Salgado, which for the most part is like the Jeffrey Jurídico Department of L Ayzaro Cárdenas. The alchemy in the fact that the sea resurfaced the United Nations supuesto daño akhlaq, its inhibit any publicity that would cause irregularities in its gubernatorial. This is what Art pieculo thinks 19. And many other organizations too.

Y es la Secretaría de Marina, a cargo del almirante Rafael Ojida, that these days were received at the festival of Veracruz at the festival “Velas Latinoamérica 2022”, which was accompanied by the presumption of the great heroes “Cisne Branco” of Brazil, “Libertad” of Argentina, “Capitán el merandaay” Escuela Veleroé “Cauht “de Mexico. We want the book “Gloria”, from Colombia, to come back soon. Ayer, nos cuentan, a bordo del buque ARM “Papaloapan” (A-411), the secret marina encabes the Revista naval to posteriorly improve the salutations of the veleros, looking for a defilement and paradox. From the 23rd to the 28th of June in Puerto Rico, there is a lot to do about new activities, civics, cultures, deportations and socials, with the participation of the civil society and the triplets. This magnificent event is a realization of how many times with the finalization of afianzar the fraternity and camaraderie between the participants and their armadas. If this is the case then maybe there is a problem.