Disclosure of women’s runner’s attire was also considered appropriate, while the women’s team was fined for not disclosing enough.

Olivia Brain, a very talented British Paralympian, was told by an English championship official that her shorts “Too short and inappropriate“Aggressive” shorts are shown in the main image and in the tweet below:

For the record, they are Eddie Doss’s official 2021 briefs, the kind that players wear when competing. Brain, which is cerebral palsy, Won the 2017 World Championship Gold Medal. She said she has been wearing the dress for nine years without complaint. he said The complaint made him feel self-conscious and left him helpless.

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Now referred to the European Handball Federation Norwegian women’s team fined 500 1,500 for deciding to wear shorts instead of bikini bottles In the European Beach Handball Championship:


Every member of the team was “fined”Inappropriate clothing ” According to the rules, women should wear under a bikini “Close to fit and cut at an angle.”

and that compulsory Disclosure RulesHe said that the bottom should not cover more than 10 cm on either side.

By the way, what do men wear?

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The runner wants to be comfortable while jumping, which is difficult to do in shorts. On the other hand, the differences in outfits with the Norwegian team and the harsh punishment meted out to women make it clear that their clothing is not as good as that of men.

There is already a crude deal with female players When payment is being made Compared to their counterparts, these organizations that can at least work are not bothering about the sportswear they want to wear. Let’s try to treat women as athletes; that’s really the least they can do.

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A reference to the first version of the story was found Kerry Ger Leu, president of the Norwegian Handball Federation, has been removed. Although the reference was correct, the president offered to support the fine. Instead, the president has spoken out in support of women. However, the European Handball Association’s disciplinary commission has upheld its decision to fine the team despite public outcry.

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