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The discovery will make us feel as if we have reduced the number of possibilities so that we can meditate on the continual continuity and despair of the hielo marino that suelen dependent. Sin begins, the investigation and other experts on the polar advocates from the cemetery exist that the tombs are not parallel to the total polarity in the earthenware and that they simply dismantle and reduce the effective gases of effective fuels.

This subgroup, which is said to be integrated by various centenarians of animals, was identifiably far from a studio of variants from which it was created that there was only one public opinion on the larva of all the costa mieniadesi, from Giolandia to 900 km The analysis of the analysis of the satellite by satellite, by the masters of tejido and other data, was discovered to be the surest of the principles of the demise of the demons, much like the physical aspect of the gentile.

“This was a total misunderstanding,” said Kristin Laidre, a biographer of the University of Washington who studied the ecology of the marine mammals in Greenland during the two decades. Laidre is the principal author of an article about the subpubcation that was recently published in the journal Arbitrada Science.

The surest groenlandia es bastante remoto y tiene fiordos estrechos rodeados de montañas escarpadas. In the inner interior of the suede haber glaciers that terminate in the agua; At the other end of the aisle is the abyss, with a furious correlation that fluke hacked on it. “These are very geographically aisles”, sealed Laidre. “The evolution of evolution to the natural world because it is the only way to live in this world.” Investigators calculate that this subpublación is based on the various variants of años.

In total, it was calculated that there were only 26 million polar bears in the arctic, and 19 subpoblacan designadas de manera oficial. The animals live in the hierarchical marino static donde cazan a las focas, su presa principal, mientras éstas se asolean en el hielo o salen a respirar por los agujeros que hacen para ese fin. Sin embargo, the rapid calantation of the earthy, releases the effective gases of the invertebrates provoked by the human beings, increases the extension and duración de capa de hielo marino.

Some subpubliques, about all one on the Beaufort marquee, front to Alaska and Canada, or it is disgusting because the hielo no longer has as much comfort as those who can make comida for elves and their crías. The experts on these polares hopefully, if the planet sighs calendándose, those polares will be able to make it to the finals.

The surest thing about Groenlandia is that the relationship between her and her fiancs is very close to hers, which is very different from hers with the polar bears: in the hope that one of them will be happy with her sophistication because she lives and falls. “We know it’s too late for a polar bear,” commented Laidre. This is the type of condi- tions that can generalize in other parts of the articulation in this transition.

Laidre and his co-workers discovered that these are the surest groenlandia cazan in the hielo marino mientras está ahí, pero cuando desaparece, tienen otro hielo donde cazar: the hielo de agua dulce que se desprenlandia desprende, englalos de espre. And there are even more peaks, and that perdura the mayor part of the auo.

Los osos cazan sober esta mezcla flotante de hielo, llamada en inglaés glacial mélange, del mismo modo que cazan desde el hielo marino. “This is an additional platform of the hierarchical platform and because there are a lot of other things not to be missed”, said Laidre, who allows the self-sufficient focuses to make them happy and prosperous.

Not to be outdone, this type of habit is exclusive, like Twila Moon, the National Center for Datos on Nieve and Hielo de Boulder, Colorado, which analyzes the caption of Hielo Marino and Glacial in the Fiordos part of the investigation.

“Hay pocos lugares en el arctico en los que vema una sustani y constante de mezcla de hielo glacial”, dijo Moon. Ademeás de algunas zonas de Groenlandia, el archipiélago noruego de Svalbard tiene glaciares que terminan en el agua.

As such, even these specific conditions may allow some of us to be aware of the fact that the hippo marino is slowly declining, and in general the animals will always be safe because of the climatic change.

“Let’s hope for a greater disinfection in the polarity of the polar bears in all the articular debits to the actual trajectories of global calamity”, asserted Laidre. “Y este studio no cambia ese hecho”.

Steven Amstrup, conscientious objector of the Polar Bears International Conservation Group, who did not participate in the investigation, confirmed that the studio was establishing a “very good heck” and “a group of very small peasants”.

The decision to form an official official sub-correspondence to a group of experts, despite the auspices of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. “I do not want to say that this group will benefit from this group in its security or its generality to mediate that we have a future,” said Amstrup.

Commentó that he was accustomed to with the investigators that, as he said, “this is not a salvation for the polar bears”. I assure you that the calamity is due to the fact that every tipo hielo retroceda and desaparezca, and this includes the glaciers. For the most part, the glaciers of the Fiorrddos of Groenlandia are not a continuum ending in the agua and produces a more glacial glance forever. The studio, he said, “is showing a transitory benefit to these objects.”

“You can get away with this, even those days without him in the terminals of his marino son demasiado largos”, agregó Amstrup. “Pero, de cara al futuro, eso no va a cambiar a menos que detengamos el aumento de los gases de efecto invernadero a nivel mundial”.