Do not process the military for the dead

Ciudad Juárez.- During the last six months of the investigation, the General Fiscal General of the Republic (FGR) determined that the ascension committee was headed by an element of the Secretariat of the National Defense (Sedena) in the case of Juan Carlos Medina, de 18 a, de 18. constituent un delito ”por considera que que el militar acto en“ legítima defensa ”.

“I found a notification in Donde that he would not be penalized against the soldado, knowing that he was old and had testicles, that no one told me, no one would tell me about them; of the FGR), when anduvimos recabando pruebas, me dijo que a mi hijo le habían dado en el costado, en lo que él volteó, y ahora me salen con que en el tórax ”, denuncier ayer su mamá that will try to make the decision.

Juan Carlos ascended the noche of the 19 November in the village Francisco Villa and Tlaxcala luego de ingresar a moxico, presumably with two arches of fuego caliber 9 millimeters (mm), for the international point of the hunter noir, revision by part of the militas elements.

However, it is clear that the dispatch was made up of an element of the National Guardia (GN), which is incorporating the revisions in the international cruises, the carpet of the FGR identification as FED / CHIH / JUA / 0202014 / 02020ALJI Like an element of Sedena, not the GN.

Accompanied by the investigation, Juan “empowered and picked up an arm with the fuego of the element of Sedena (…) which some might consider a real aggression, this would be his person, the same dicho element that your repeater dicha agrisión, lakesedanada juste ya que fue racional al desprenderse una ‘resistencia de alta peligrosidad’ ”.

Excise Justice

Ayer, with the photograph he took on his plasma in a playground altogether of the pecho and the document was made by the agent of the Ministerial Public of the Federation, Víctor Manuel Parra Fabela, with the 21st of June 2022, the best exterior of FGR to execute justice.

It was not until the last day in the city of Mexico that he could receive the help of the Secretariat of the Governing Body, but he could not receive it. Also attending the National Commission for Human Rights (CNDH), many visitors wish to learn about the city for its success.

“This is an imposter, because it’s not just. Yo les he dicho una y mil veces que a mí no me consta si mi hijo traía armas, y si las traía había otro metodo de, no matarlo, de detenerlo. Porque supuestamente la Investigations ES de que a mi hijo en la entraa del poente le habían agarrado un estuche con cargador, supuestamente. o the sea, what is the matter with you?

No alcanzó a hablarles

Dijo que “Banano”, como le gustaba que le dijera su mamá, nació el 11 de julio de en El Paso, donde durante la pandemia comenzó a trabajar con su tío limpiando yardas, de lunes a viernes, para pasar deman semanalos con su family and its novice in this frontera.

Como cada lunes en la mañana, el 15 de noviembre Karla llevó al tercero de sus seis hijos al punte international paso del Norte. If you wish to say: “Dios te bendiga, ‘apá”. Juan Carlos the contest: “igual a ti, ‘amá”. I don’t know what will happen to the ultimate vez who sees it.

Regl regresaba a Ciudad Juárez los viernes en la noche. Always talking to her husband for giving her a Uber al punte o para que fuera a recogerlo su mamá. The day of his ascension did not come to an end.

Accordo con las autoridades, Juan Carlos huyó de una revisión de la Guardia Nacional en el punte Internacional Paso del Norte, por lo que fue alcanzado y privado de la vida de un disparo. The federal agent argued that the Texans had a pistol and a shotgun.

The mother recalls that since the death of her husband, the military had not retreated from the cargo minters era investigated.

Sáenz Reyes executed the cameras of the security of the municipal presidency, and confirmed that he also regained his perceptions. Given that even the acknowledgments that the carte blanche was vacated, it was almost 4 million dollars that it was awkward to buy a car, and the same thing happened at the same time.