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Tuviste COVID length? Á How many people do you know who have a problem? The case of años and medio of iniquity of la Epidemic There are more questions than answers about the disease.

Without embarking on the ordeal, the investigation has not shown the various aspects of the virus to find the best and plan solutions.

For example, L. Infectious diseases Ziyad Al-Aly has access to millions of medical records from the United States Department of Veterinary Medicine and with their analysis has been profitable. COVID prolonged and its effects.

One of the questions the respondent encounters is patience The frequency with which the COVID prolonged Appear and find that la Vacuum previa kum el riesgo de desarrollarlo en un Up to 15 years

However, these statistical studies are based on medical records, which are very difficult to investigate.

Another fundamental aspect about the embedded methodology is how to register the sensations, or how frequently there are errors of interpretation that describe the potential.

“The electronic registers contain information contained in the data, without duda”. But to answer the question of how much is something, it is possible that they are not the best ”, explica Nature

For Al-Aly, the discrepancies between the results of the studio are not the participants or condensers. The epidemiological menus involved in the evolution of multiple data bases and analysis methods, say. Including if it is difficult to determine the effect of the vacuum on the COVID prolonged, for example, the investigators could find tendencies. “Just look at the hilo común”, says Al-Aly. “Hilo común aquí es que las vacunas son mejores que ninguna vacuna”.

COVID ‘LARGO’: More than a trio of sobriety disarrol effects

More than a dozen cases of COVID-19 infectionRebekah Hogan sigue her friend a fuerte الجھاؤ, Pain y cansancio The hope is to make your work harder and manage the cotyledons of hogar.

L. COVID largo le ha hecho dudar de su valía como madre y esposa.

“?It is permanent? “Is this the new norm?” “Quiero recuperar mi vida”.

Any other estimates, More than a trilogy of the COVID-19 development tools that prolong its effects in time. Notice that variants of the virus are extinct by the world, the sensitivities of which are known to identify the malice aforementioned and encounter treatments before a possible explosion of COVID persistent cases.

APodría ser un trastorno autoinmune? Eso ayudaría a explicar por qué el COVID largo It affects the appearance of the muscles, which are more likely to cause autoimmune diseases. Podrían ser los microcoágulos los responsables de sentomas como Memorabilia o dedos de los pies descoloridos? Therefore, it is felt that COVID-19 can include normal coagulation in the body.

These are just a few of the many theories that will help you get the new vacuum to reduce the opportunities for developing COVID larvae.

This prompt to be aware if the infected persons with the contagious variant ómicron deserrollarán ese misterioso mosaico de sontomas, a menus diagnosticado semanas después the infectious disease. Peru Some experts believe that it is possible that there is only one COVID largo por llegarAnd se quealan que los medicos deben estar preparados.

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