Docan to Austin Villa is more likely than Ward Pros.

Austin Villa are more likely to sign the Czech Docor than Southampton’s James Ward Prose. Express and Star Journalist Luke Hatfield

Villa has been linked with both midfielders. Sky Sports. Late last month, it was reported that the Midlands club had rejected a bid of 25 25m for the Saints captain.

Goals, meanwhile. Mark McKinawa He claims that Villa is interested in signing the young RC Lens as Dan Smith wants to continue improving his team this summer.

Should Villa sign Dakor?





And while Hatfield is not expecting to taste everything in the Premier League’s dockover, he believes a deal for the financial international is more likely than a Ward-Process deal.

“Midfield is what I think Villa needs to address, especially after their debut in the Premier League.” Hatfield said. FFC. “I think every villain out there really wants to see him sign a defensive midfielder.

“Czech Docor, I think this is another one that is unlikely, although more likely than the ward process.”

As the deadline approaches, signing the Ward Prose is starting to look like a daunting task.

Southampton, of course, have already sold Danny Ings to the villa. Would they like to weaken themselves further by strengthening their Premier League rivals for the second time?

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