Dodgers vs. Giants Forecast: Trust Logan Web.

The two teams with the most wins and the best ballpark will take on the Giants in San Francisco on Thursday with the Los Angeles Dodgers hosting all the winning games.

Through 23 games between the two rivals, the Giants are 12-11. They are 19-2 in the last 21 starts of the Logan Webb and 14-0 in their home pitching this season. He posted a 1.78 ERA at home, allowing just four home runs in 81 innings in the regular season, as well as a playoff start against the Dodgers.

Los Angeles is up against MLB leader Julio Urias, who has won 13 of his 20 regular seasons. In four seasons, including this series in San Francisco, he has posted a 2.01 ERA with only one home run allowed in 23 ¹ / ₃ innings.

Logan Webb
Logan Webb
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In the Battle of the Titanic, the Giants have a 32-17 lead in one-run games, including the post-season, while the Dodgers are 24-25, and will advance to the San Francisco National League Championship Series.

the game: Giants, -110.


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