Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated, asks AMLO’s Dos Bocas workers.

Anders Manuel Lopez Obrador.The Mexican president has told workers at the Dos Bokas refinery in Tabasco not to allow themselves to be manipulated by union leaders.

At a morning conference at the National Palace this Thursday, Lopez Obrador reiterated that the confrontation was caused by a “lawsuit” between the unions, particularly CTM and Catem, overcoming the collective bargaining agreement. Want.

I hope Dos Bocas is somewhat isolated and I ask the leaders for help, and I tell the workers not to allow themselves to be manipulated, not to use themselves, if they want a leader. If you help them, I am on their orders. “ He claimed.

Nahle says work in Dos Bocas has already returned to normal following the “leaders’ trial.”

“I have information that they are being paid fairly and have the benefits. This is a dispute over agreement and hopefully CTM and Catem leaders will help us.” Exposed.

According to the workers, at least four people were injured in the clashes between the police and the rioters who fired gas shells at the striking workers at the Dos Bocas refinery in Tabasco, Mexico.

The evacuation took place at 6 a.m. local time when employees tried to enter the facility through one of the main gates, demanding a pay rise and other benefits.


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