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Ciudad Juárez.- Accompanied by the realization of the necropsies in the forensic medicine service (Semefo), at least 24 victims of Covid-19 o probable covid that no furon identifiable or reclaimed by their families in the comic book.

From those who meet Juan Barrientos López, who with more than 95 years of Edad and his family worked as a parlor in a restaurant in Burritos in the San Lorenzo area, died on July 13 at the General Hospital for 2000000 A pulmonary and probable Covid-19 thromboembolia, the necrosis that occurs in the semifo.

‘Lu Wei Mayo Kansado’

“Two days before (the day of death) passed and he died, or he died, he entered the market at 2:00 and it was 1:30 of the day” that the police had taken care of their house because they had taken care of it and had gone to the front.

Dijo que al ver que no tenía familiares y vivía solo, los Municipales attemptaron llevarlo a un asilo, pero don Juan no quiso ser trasladado, por lo que después de insistir, los policías decider dejarlo in his house. The more you visit, the more you visit, the more you encounter the encounter.

“Arrive at the camioneta and we take it to Cruz Roja, but we don’t receive it. we received it.

The day he regrouped at his house, but was established, and in the morning one of them declared an announcement that an ambulance had been transferred to the new Hospital General, while the 12 July 12 day news that it was in a state of flux, the 331 observers informed that There was a lot of graves and most of those who died to know that they were probably dead of Covid, because they had entered the Semefo personal.

Aware of sin

El Hombre, originator of Nieves, Durango, tenía años viviendo en la colonia Tierra Nueva de esta frontera, en donde les había asegurado a sus vecinos que no tenía familiares, por lo que les partió su mido a ser enviacomúnú a. . However, even as we try to comply with Mayor Temor, the Unidad Specialized de Delitos contra vida vida de la Fiscalía General del Estado (FGE) did not enter his office.

To avoid being fooled by the fossa común, “El Abuelo”, like the concoction, the dijo que con con ganaba como parquero compró un seguro funerario, pero nadie supo con qué empresa lo hizo, por lo que en agesto de través de 2020 The Meczyki pidieron el apoyo para costier sus gastos funerarios.

In conjunction with the story of Don Juan, the personalization of a funerarias will be offered from the free service and will be attached to the FGE to facilitate the receipts of the recipes of the curator, but not from the fact that the protocols do not compare the familiar Car

We think that the vecinos insist on the reclamation and the identification, in order to be able to allow them to attend to their work, the personal of the funerary that must have been offered to the service of the deckharonacuperon.

‘No masculine identity’

After three months of guarding the Semefo, the 18-year-old passed away after seeing “masculino no identifiado”, entering between “85 and 90 days of edad”, in the fossil of the Municipal San Rafael de Ciudad Juárez.

Accompanied by the FGE, the victims of the Covid-19 or probable Covid are likely to be far behind in 2021 and 2022; The first 10 forums part of the 119 entries of 18 and 19 of May 2021, 10 more were entered on October 14, together with 87 fallacidas for other causas, and the ultimate causas, and the ultimate lacomandosa 4 41 cuerpos más.

The direction of practical services and forensics services at the very least of its hulls and mustaches for genetics, practicing technical techniques and sensitivities that would allow its identification, photographs, as well as analogies.

Finally, deposit in an individual fold. Don Juan’s story in Jordan 6, Halera 2, Fosa 18 of Fosa común panteón ubicado en desierto juarense.

20 Cuerpos fueron enterrados en la fosa común durante 2021

4 More than that in the present day