Dream honeymoon devastated when the family suffered horrific food poisoning and was diagnosed with E. coli

Two Welsh families are among a group of people whose luxury vacations were reportedly ruined after taking in E. coli and other gastric ailments. They are part of a wider group made up of 36 people who reported getting sick while visiting the five-star Jazz Aquamarine Hotel in Hurghada, Egypt. Between the end of January and October 2019.

Myfanvie Bunting, 50, of Rouge traveled with her husband Dean (49) and daughter Aidan, eight, on July 22 for a vacation booked for the couple’s honeymoon. However, only three days into their two-week break, Dean and Aidan began to feel unwell.

His symptoms included diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, fever, sweating and lethargy. A day later Mafanavi also fell ill.

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The family returned to the UK on 5 August. Aidan’s symptoms had subsided by then but Dean and Mwfnwi were still struggling. MyFanVie, a self-employed property manager, said: “Our wedding guests had all given us money for our honeymoon and we were all really looking forward to it, so I feel bad for not stating that it was doomed. Gone because we spent most of our time unwell.

“While we were there we noticed that the hotel kept closing the pool for a long time. We were also concerned that the food was not being kept properly in the restaurant. We also saw some people picking up the food, tasting it and then putting it back.

“We talked to our representative and hotel staff when we fell ill but we feel like they cheated on us and tried to tell us it was because we were not used to the heat or spicy food. But We were sure it wasn’t the cause.”

MyFanV was diagnosed with E.coli and the closely related bacterial infection Shigella
(Image: Bunting Family)

On 6 August Mwfanwy consulted with his GP about ongoing symptoms and testing. She was later diagnosed with E. coli and the closely related bacterial infection Shigella. MyFanVie said: “I’ve never been this bad, but it was still a huge shock when I found out I had another gastric infection along with E. coli. It’s not something you’d deal with on your honeymoon. expect.

“Our vacation was ruined and Dean and I are still suffering from gastric problems to this day. Although nothing will make up for what we’ve gone through, we want answers right now and to know if that will stop.” Something else could have been done to stop the others.”

On October 14, 2019, Dean Cooke, 55, of Ton Pantre and his wife Linda also visited the hotel for a two-week vacation. Within four days, Linda developed diarrhoea, abdominal pain, nausea, fever and sweating.

A day later Dean fell ill with gastric symptoms. Upon returning home on October 28, the couple consulted their GP. By November 6, Dean had begun to rally, although he had lost seven pounds. Linda was unwell for about eight weeks and lost about 10 pounds and says she still has issues today.

Dean And Linda Lost 17Lbs Between Them Due To Illness
Dean and Linda lost 17lbs between them due to illness
(Image: Cook Family)

Dean, a semi-retired supply teacher, said: “We were really looking forward to our vacation we booked to celebrate our semi-retirement. But it was not the holiday we expected. It was clear that something was not right because at one point the staff was asking people if they were suffering from illness.

“I also noticed that food was left open in the restaurant and raw and cooked meat were being handled with the same utensil. I have stayed in similar hotels that have been spotless but this was a world different in cleanliness. Shocked to see and hear how many people were unwell. As the holiday wore on, it got worse.”

Irwin Mitchell’s expert international critical injury specialist is not investigating the causes of his illnesses and is now pursuing legal action through the courts. Hannah Clifford, an expert international serious injury lawyer for Irwin Mitchell, representing those affected, said: “To hear that so many people were afflicted with a debilitating illness after staying at the Jazz Aquamarine Hotel in Hurghada.

“Our clients were intelligently looking forward to their holidays and were devastated when they developed gastric symptoms. These types of illnesses can lead to serious long-term conditions and should never be underestimated.” Travel company Tui has been contacted for comment.

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