Drinking water leakage destroys the streets of Colonia Corregidora

Juarez City.- Leaks in the sanitary networks of the Municipal Water and Sanitation Board (JMAS), destroy the pavement on the streets of the district Corregidora in this border town. Víctor García, a neighbor of the sector, contacted El Diario to request an urgent intervention from JMAS, because more than three months ago he submitted the first report on the leakage of drinking water and since then he has talked to them by phone every week but they do not pay attention, even if they receive the call and listen to it.

The drinking water leak is located at Juan J. Méndez street number 246, almost on the corner of Pascual Orozco in the Corregidora district.

The first report was submitted on September 11 under file 2696631 by JMAS.

This clean water leak crosses another spill of sewage that flows down, like a stream, from the streets Maclovio Herrera and Pascual Jaramillo.

The user assured that he has since communicated eight times with the customer service department, but so far he has not received a positive response.

He said that even if the discharge of drinking water is not noticed by his meter (which means that his monthly billing has not increased), such waste of such an important resource is cause for anxiety because other users also do not have enough pressure on their taps to cover your basic needs.

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