Drug dealer tries to smuggle cocaine to Escape in the Park concert but is caught by a sniffer

A teenage drug dealer was caught smuggling cocaine at a popular outdoor music festival. Upon entering the Escape in the Park dance festival in Swansea’s Singleton Park, a sleuth smelled something hidden in Adi Ali’s shorts, and a subsequent search found a dozen wraps of cocaine, along with nearly £600 in cash.

The defendant initially told police that he was simply delivering drugs to someone else at the event, but a search of his home and a check of his phone told a different story. One of the texts found on a phone call was sent by Ali saying he had been active at Swansea all night with “best bash hands-downs”, while incoming messages showed Neith asking the man if he was in Cardiff. Can supply people far away. ,

Prosecutor Hannah George told Swansea Crown Court that Ali was arrested on September 25 last year after trying to enter an Escape in the Park event at the city’s Singleton Park. She said sniffer dogs were being used as part of security arrangements for the concert, and that one dog indicated the possible presence of drugs on the defendant. Ali – then aged 19 – was taken aside and searched, and officers hiding in his shorts found a bag containing a dozen wraps of 55 percent pure cocaine, which cost around £360. He was also found with another bag containing traces of cocaine, and some £580 cash in his wallet.

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The court heard that his house was later searched and officials found empty snap-sealed bags, scales and three mobile phones. Miss George said a balaclava and a knife were also found, the objects of which have not been charged are “a matter of concern”.

The police accessed and downloaded the text from one of the mobiles seized, and they showed that the defendant was involved in the business of drugs since January 2021. Among the messages recovered was an outgoing message in which Ali said that he would be active at Swansea throughout the night. Best Bash hands-down” while messages came in asking if he could supply people as far away as Cardiff, and others were praising the quality of the goods he was selling. Prosecutors said that irrespective of the content of the messages the defendant was charged with possession with intent to supply only on one date, i.e. the date of his arrest.

In his interview, Ali admitted that he was taking the drugs, but told authorities that he was simply giving them to someone else at Escape in the Park – claiming that he did not intend to supply them directly to users. use to have.

Adi Ali, 20, of Talbot Road, Cawthan, Skaven, Neath, had previously pleaded guilty to possessing cocaine with intent to supply, when he appeared before the court for sentencing. He already has no faith.

John Tarrant for Ali stated that the defendant was not an intelligent young man, and wrote a “heartfelt” letter to the court in which he recognized his failures and where he had gone wrong in life. He said it could be that the defendant’s ambitions were “horrifying” since there was a “degree of jealousy” involved and he did not have what those around him had, although the advocate did not elaborate that they were unfulfilled. What were the ambitions?

Recorder Christopher Felstead told Ali that he was caught with a dozen wraps of cocaine while trying to go to Escape in the Park, and that while he was also a user of the drug and had shown “some remorse”, he had It was clear from what the defendant read that his primary motivation was making “easy money” and lots of it.

Ali was sentenced to 32 months of house arrest, with a third exemption for his guilty plea. He will remain in custody for half the period before he is released on license to serve the remainder in the community.

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