Dudley council leader was ‘insulting’ police chief after ‘Week Brigade’ claims

The Dudley Council leader has been found to have “disrespected” the town’s police force commander, and only one of the six points has been upheld following an investigation into his behavior. But Black Country Borough Conservative leader Patrick Harley claimed the complaints themselves were “a damp broom brought by an elite group of people.”

Councilor Harley was brought before the Standards Committee on Monday (June 20) after allegations against the Chief Superintendent Kim Medal. Belonging to To the “Wake Brigade”. The comments were said to be in violation of the council’s code of conduct, which began with a row. Illegal Immigrants CampFirst opened in August 2020.

According to documents viewed by the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS), the committee itself has no authority to suspend or disqualify a member, but it can order a formal reprimand through a motion, up to the facilities. May withdraw access, or arrange training. In November 2021, Councilor Harley complained to the local press about the decision of the then borough commander. Refusal to transfer passengers Who stayed at the transit site for more than 28 days permitted.

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At the time, Ms. Medal had denied the decision to transfer passengers on the grounds of “being lawful” and “showing our care and sympathy for the difference.” But Councilor Harley claimed that the chief superintendent had “gone against the protocol”. They Written Ask Simon Foster, the police and crime commissioner, to “reconsider his position.”

An excerpt from the statement read: “If she wants to play as a politician, she should drop her uniform and stand for election. There is a protocol for dealing with passengers. I am sure her political sentiments influenced her decision.” “In that case, his decision is flawed. He should reconsider his position.”

Dudley Council began investigating Harley’s remarks following a formal complaint from West Midlands Police Chief Executive Jonathan Jardine. In his submissions, Mr Jardine claimed that Councilor Harley had written to the West Midlands Police about his complaints, two hours after Councilor Harley had already made his comments public.

He said: “From a related letter [councillor] Harley was received by police and the crime commissioner. [office of police and crime commissioner] November 22, 2021 at 17:25 – Two hours after I notified the journalist of Councilor Harley’s comments. Councilor Harley had already made his comments public before the letter was sent to the police and crime commissioner.

Mr Jardine called on Councilor Harley to publicly apologize and withdraw his comments. Daniel Stlitz QC, Joe Investigated the complaint, Maintains West Midlands Police complaint. He said that while Councilor Harley’s remarks were not important enough to categorize them as bullying, he concluded that they were “disrespectful, unnecessary and inappropriate”.

In his findings, he said: “Whatever the merits of Councilor Harley’s concerns, it was inappropriate for him to broadcast them publicly in this manner and tone. To make a formal or informal complaint to the Chief Constable or Commissioner Would have been open for

Chief Sprint Cum Medal
(Photo: West Midlands Police)

“It was an open opportunity for him to criticize. The decision was made if he wanted to, in strong and stern words. Personal attack on the integrity of the Chief Superintendent’s Medal by the press through his off-the-cuff remarks was, however, inappropriate in my view.” ۔

I am impressed by the contradiction in tone between the remarks made by Councilor Harley to the press and the subsequent letter to the Commissioner. The chief superintendent disagreed with the medal decision and the police action regarding the site.

When contacted by the LDRS, Councilor Harley said: “Mr Jardine, a Labor police officer and the crime commissioner, brought a complaint and raised six points. Wanted to stop talking directly to What – no excuses, no training, or any other restrictions.

“A damp scoob brought by an elite group of people who think they can change the established protocol whenever they want. I will continue to speak for the people of this borough and certainly an ineffective one. The Labor Police will continue to hold the Crime Commissioner accountable and ensure that the West Midlands Police play its full role in enabling us to deal with unauthorized camps, as it did in November last year. “

Qadirzada, the Labor leader of the Dudley Council opposition, said: “The abolition of standards under the Conservative government means that it is now up to Dudley Conservative councilors to show the people of Dudley that they do not tolerate it. Type of behavior.

“This is an opportunity for Dudley Conservative councilors to distance themselves from bad behavior at the national level and to show that this is not an extension of Downing Street. In my experience, Choose

Dudley Council Monitoring Officer Muhammad Farooq said: “The Standards Subcommittee found that Councilor Harley violated the members’ Code of Conduct. A letter will be sent to Councilor Harley by the Chair of the Audit and Standards Committee stating that He has already attended a training session focusing on members’ code of conduct. “

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