DWP explains how PIP claimants and carers can access the زندگی 650 lifetime payment.

Chancellor Rishi Sink’s announcement of a £ 15 billion package to reduce the cost of the crisis of life includes a number of different financial lifelines, some of which were intended for the people on state payments. Of these, £ 650 is for those who are on benefits tested by seven sources and £ 150 is for those who are on disability benefits.

There has been some criticism of the discrepancy in the levels of these payments, with a petition calling for an increase in disability benefits to £ 650. As a result, MPs have raised the issue of why some people have been excluded from higher levels of life support.

Virginia Crosby, Conservative MP for Ynys Mon, asked if the government had explored the idea of ​​extending the payment of personal freedom (PIP) and کی 650 on carers’ allowance. In addition, Charlotte Nichols, a Labor MP from Warrington North, asked if it could be made available to contributors based on Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

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Remove reservationsWhile the مقصد 650 was not intended directly for people with PIPs and carers’ allowances, some of them will know they are eligible, said DWP Welfare Minister David Rutley. This is because they are also reaping the benefits tested by sources, such as Universal Credit, Income Support or Tax Credit, and will therefore be eligible for £ 650 on this basis.

Therefore, while carers will not only be eligible for الا 650 on this allowance, many people also receive other state assistance that enables them to qualify for this cash. This is the ‘double benefit’ status that may appear to get around the rules. People who are only on PIP and Careers Allowance will still not be eligible.

They Explained: “50 650 means Experienced Benefit is a one-time cost of living payment designed to target support for 8 million low-income households, according to sources. Careers Allowance does not mean the test, but the customers [benefits] Those who are also entitled to tested benefits from qualified sources will receive payment. This means that about 60% of the people who are of working age on the Careers Allowance will have to pay the cost of living.

“In addition, 6 million persons with disabilities who are eligible for non-mans tested disability benefits, including personal liberty payments, will receive a one-time disability lifetime payment of £ 150. If they meet the standard, they will receive both 50 650 and £ 150, and the disabled caregiver living in the same home will benefit from paying for the disability living expenses they care for. Households have reached بل 37 billion this year. “

On the issue of partnership-based Employment Support Allowance and other non-source tested benefits, Mr. Rutley saidThe government is committed to managing public finances responsibly, targeting low-income households where it is most needed, targeting £ 650 cost of living.

“Living cost payments are designed to target low-income households, based on the benefits assessed, according to sources. These payments are in addition to the امداد 400 subsidy for energy bills that the government pays for energy bills. The scheme, doubling the اعلان 200 of support announced earlier this year and making the entire £ 400 a non-refundable grant, also benefits people with disabilities and pensioners Can pick up if they are receiving disability benefits or eligible for winter fuel payments.

“In addition to the new support, low-income people can also take advantage of the benefits assessed by the sources to benefit from previously announced measures to help people cope with the cost of living, including frozen alcohol duty and fuel.” Increasing the duty, NICs threshold, council tax rebates, and a further increase in the National Living Wage from April 2022 to 50 9.50 per hour. “

It is worth noting that while the partnership ESA has been excluded from the 650 payment, the ESA on revenue is one of the seven benefits eligible for this amount. See the full list of eligible candidates here.

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