East Kerry leap into extra time

County Under 21 FC Finals

Eastern Kerry 1-22

North Carey 3-14


If anyone had feared a bit of lethargy after Sunday’s All-Ireland final flourish, Austin Stack Park on Wednesday night was not the place. This Acorn Life County Under-21 FC decider between East Kerry and North Kerry was an absolute epic.

Where do you even start? Forty points, two periods of extra time, heretical individual performances on both sides, strength of character and conviction that was heartwarming, a never-give-up attitude that was inspiring, a vocal crowd engrossed all night. The future is bright in the Kerry football circle.

At the conclusion of about 94 minutes of fluttering activity, defending champions (from 2019) East Kerry had a nose lead of two points. Captain Mark Kelleher lifted the winners’ trophy as his teammates erupted in celebration. North Kerry was put to death, beaten, but certainly not broken. not a bit.

Let’s start from the beginning. Jerry O’Sullivan’s charges landed on the proverbial flyer—Rurey Murphy fired a point in just ten seconds, and full-forward Emmett O’Shea smacked the ball away from a hamstrung North Kerry full-back Brendan O’Neill. moved to the slot. Disaster for Nat North Kerry in the third minute – four points away, and a key man was injured.

For the remainder of the first half, however, the Dalits gave as good as they got. With more possession, and creating as many opportunities as his opponents, he found himself plagued by erratic shooting and horrific indecision. East Carey, without ever hitting his best form, was far more economical in his finishing.

The favorites were six points (1–4 to 0–1), with Ryan O’Grady and Jack McElligott being denied goals at either end by the smart reflexes of the respective goalkeepers, before North Kerry in the 23rd minute. Got lifeline. Jack Kennelly deftly flicks Robert Stack’s attempt at one point behind the diving Kelleher.

The Golmouth action did not end there. Kevin Goulding saw a well-defended left foot strike by a Glenflask stopper, and then, after East Kerry’s Aaron O’Shea began a low drive behind North Kerry netminder Kieran McKesey, young Kerry to block the ball. The minor was Eddie Healy. Line. With two late points, East Kerry was up five (1-6 to 1-1) at the break.

By restarting, the accuracy of both sides improved dramatically. Keneally’s will-o’-the-wisp figure continued to lead the way for North Kerry, but when Aaron O’Shea went past two points in a row by the 41st minute, East Kerry was still in a very comfortable position. was ( 1-11 to 1-5).

This is where John O’Connell’s northerners really showed their courage. Keneally quickly answered the call with a brace, and then Goulding rumbled into the proceedings with three spell-binding white flags in succession. The margin was below minimum, and the ground was shaking.

East Kerry now showed his sobriety and experience. Emmett O’Shea, Sean Murphy (who was excellent) and Ryan O’Grady answered the challenge with three points and the silverware, entering the 60th minute, appeared to eventually move towards their expected home.

Once again, North Kerry will not give up. Brilliant long-range points from Cillian Trant and young Minor star Cormac Dillon reduced the deficit to two (1-14 to 1-12) and, lo and behold, three minutes into injury time. , Kennelly’s through-the-eye-of-a-needle pass was collected by ramping corner-back Padrigue Walsh, who bundled a lower left footed shot into the back of the net.

Cue pandemic among North Kerry supporters. Did he take away the glory at the time of his death? not enough. In his moment of need, East Kerry had his amulet. Immersed in a flashy midfield battle with heroic opponents like Trant and Stack, a bundle of flamboyant energy all night long, Ruerry Murphy decides he will save his side’s bacon.

With the leaders scrambling back a lot of bodies, and diligently making sure they didn’t give a freebie in the scoring zone, Lister No. Nine simply took all the responsibility on his shoulders, and with a 40m booming right foot. , missile curling, he kicked off a surprising game-saving equalizer (1-15 to 2-12). East Kerry had one last chance to end it, but that would have been too brutal.

For extra time, and with his penis now well and truly, Murphy was the star of the first period, the final man-of-the-match taking his tally to five points by playing with another pair. , and with North Carey reduced to one point off the stack, they were again owed three points on the short whistle (1–19 to 2–13).

However, once again he refused to throw the towel. In the opening minute of the second period of extra time, Goulding was fouled, awarded a penalty, and Captain Keneally calmly, and medically, wronged Kelley with a low, in-of-the-post spot-kick. way sent. Level up again, with the destination of the loot, technically, up for grabs.

East Kerry may have been hit again, but his resilience and determination were impenetrable. Whatever North Kerry threw at him, he always got a response. On this occasion, three unanswered points (two from replacements Stephen Palmer and William Shine) ultimately proved decisive, with bodies shattered like flies falling onto the deck.

Darragh Lynch pulled one back with a long-distance beauty, but now time was running out for North Kerry. He produced a free in the dying moments, but when it was played short instead of being launched into the square (had he not realized, or had not been told, that this was the last play), the referee blew the final whistle, And an unforgettable classic finally came to a halt.

Answer Kerry had given it all, but just fell short. Maybe they relied too much on Kennelly and Golding, maybe age and body differences played their part, but this amalgamation is here to stay. This group of minors and under-21s from last year has proved it.

As for East Kerry, he got the fear of his life, but he came through the harshest trials. The scales are well tipped with a little extra experience and final know-how with a very deep spread of scorers. And, of course, the presence of Rueri Murphy. It would be wise to keep an eye on this lad’s progress in the coming seasons.

Eastern Kerry: Mark Kelleher (Glenflask) 0-1 (F); Peter O’Sullivan (Legion), Dara O’Callaghan (Kilcumin), Killian O’Sullivan (Glenflask) 0-1; Brian O’Leary (Firries), Philip O’Leary (Kilcumin), Tom Clifford (Firries); Paul O’Shea (Kilcumin), Rurie Murphy (Listory) 0-5; Aaron O’Shea (Listory) 0-3, Ryan O’Grady (Legion) 0-3, Patrick D’Arcy (Glenflask) 0-1; Aaron Flynn (Fieries) 0-1, Emmett O’Shea (Fosa) 1-1, Sean Murphy (Spa) 0-4 Subscription: William Shine (Legion) 0 for Flynn (half-time), Darragh Fleming (Legion) 0 -1 ) Dara O’Donohue (Fieris) for Clifford (48 min), Sea Murphy (59 min), Stephen Palmer (Fieris) for D’Arcy 0-1 (60+4 min), Dylan Roche for AO (Glenflask) ‘Shea (61 min), C Murphy for O’Donohue (61 min, temporary reversal), Michael Keane (Listery) B O’Leary (75 min), Mark O’Shea (Kilcumin) for O’Grady For, Inj (78 min), D’Arcy for Sea Murphy (80 min)

Answer Kerry: Kieran McKesey (Finuse); Liam Guiney (Ballydonogue), Brendan O’Neill (Ballydonogue), Padraig Walsh (Ballyduff) 1-0; Jack McElgott (Listovell Emmets), Donacha Maher (Duagh), Adam Segal (Ballyduff); Cillian Trant (Saint Senan) 0-1, Robert Stack (Beale) 0-1; Ted Moloney (Duagh), Kevin Golding (Ballyduff) 0-4, Jamie McVeigh (Listovell Emmets); Rory O’Mahony (Saint Sanon), Darragh Lynch (Listovell Emmetts), Jack Kennelly (Ballydonogue) 2-6 (1-0 Penn, 0-3 MKS, 0-2 FS) Member: Eddie Healy (Listovell Emmetts) oK Daragh Carey (Listovell Emmett) for Lynch (28 min), Cormac Dillon (Duagh) for Moloney 0-1 (41 min), Mickey Nolan (Ballydonogue) for McVeigh (60 min), Inge (4 min), Inge (4 min) + 2 min), McVeigh for Stack, Inject (70+2 min), Lynch 0-1 for O’Mahony (71 min), Dylan Quinn for Maher (Listovell Emmets) (80 min)

Referee: Gary Kissan (Kerrins O’Rahleys)