El endeudamiento de López Obrador – Meczyki

Universidad Iberoamericana de Puebla y Universidad de Guadalajara

Enter the analysts of our economy or find out that our economy is in the process of becoming a “decadent” perdida. Yes it is imperative that the PIB agree that since the end of 2018, since the end of the 18th century, there has been a lot of interest, not to mention that it will be 2025 or 2026 in the el. Quiz si se complete la daccada completa de estancamiento.

The colors are varied and they are still complicating things. The lack of communication for the incumbent in the state of law of the land, the criminal and the territorial control of the region for the part of the state, the empirical generalization by the economic struggles of the pandemic and the urgency of the compound Consumerism of conscience, and an international horizon that relies on Vatican, altas tasas de interés et inflación hacia fin de año and durante el 2023 y quizás 2024, with important implications on the economy. You can add more causals, but not the point of the column.

The prequupac esn is qua va a suceder with the economic-specific specimen of Mexico, además del bajo crecimimento que vamos a seguir experiment. Seek to refer to the situation of the goblins, the type of change and the public endeavor. We make it by the English. Let the economy reflect on the impeccable recuperation, which will also be very dynamic. Disposal of three tomar de los ahorros de gobiernos anteriores (fondos, fideicomisos, etc.), los guardaditos ya se han evaporado. It also reminds us of the implications that are being made in litigio (and that much of the SAT logra cobra with conventions coming from the tribunals), about all the major contributors. The petrochemicals, with the precautions of the crude by the chiles, are contracted to 100 per cent with the subsidies to the gasoline, the modus operandi that is not a freshener of the relevant fiscal context. In concluding, an important fiscal reform, it will not be possible for the President to do so because the economy will not allow it, the margin to increase its significant fiscourses resources.

We are the ones who are the ones who are new. First of all, it is necessary to comment that the reductions of presuppositions are sometimes more limited. They have eliminated programs and many institutes have supplemented prescriptions. Ya no hay mucha tela de dónde cortar. Because of the contrario, there are several components of the gastrointestinal tract that are known to be from aumentar, de manera structural, and there is not much that can be done to evacuate. The principal of the pensioners and the service of the deity.

At the time of the pensions, Carlos Urzúa had a calculation of the cost of the universal pension in a column. The data has not changed much. Calcul calculated that the gastrointestinal tract will be reduced to 2024 by 360 million pesos (in addition to the 120 million million that will be lost in 2020). The augmentation from which the reduction of the edit was declared by López Obrador of 68 to 65 ounces, as with the augmentation of the double monto of the universal pennies for taking up to 6 million pesos. This is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. This moment is created by the number of people who take the jubilant edit and by the inflection. For these two pensions calculated that the public will add an extra to the menos of 380 million pesos by the end of 2024, which represents at least 1.2 per cent of the PIB in 2024.

And when it comes to public service, the aunts of the moment like the two hours of internship presents the cantidad of recursion that is destined for their pagoda. For 2024, the maintenance of the tip of the cambio and the tassas that intersect for the fines of this ace, calculated that the service of the deity would be made at the rate of 200 million pesos, or allied. PIB original.

However, in conjunction, the gastrointestinal tract that is irreducibly augmented is one of the 820 million pesos for 2024 (without keeping inflation), which equals 3.0 per cent of PIB per cent. What is the best way to get rid of the federal goblins to get this extra? We see that the elements do not seem to be meaningfully, and that it will be difficult to eliminate other gastrointestinal tracts. For the time being, the camouflage that has been made public is the public endeavor, that it has been taken for granted by the men of 54 by the PIB to the fines of 2024. PIB que dejó Enrique Peña Nieto (el cual lo tomó en 37.2 por ciento del PIB en 2012), al 54 por ciento del PIB que dejará López Obrador al dejar la Presidency. An official pesar of the official retreat, López Obrador was very fond of more than that of Madrid, Salinas, Zedillo, Fox, Calderón and Peña Nieto. The newcomer corresponds to the moments in which we endeavor José López Portillo and Luis Echeverría, who from time immemorial know how to deal with their contemporary history of contemporaneity.