El poder del arrepentimiento

I was thinking that I would be sober enough to try to see life with a perspective. Not all of them and without meditation but he is different in different ways in Cincinnati Decadas and hey varios passages de my story de los quales me arrepiento.

The philosophy that says that arrepentimiento ES malo and that hay that enfocarse in the futuro and olvidar la amargura O los errores del pasado, ES muy popular pero initil. Arrepentirse es una emoción negativa, necesaria para el aprendizaje y para corregir las malas ke decisions. Accept the investigation by Daniel H. Pink, condensed into his book The power of remorse (Riverhead Books, 2022), el arrepentimiento nos hace mejores. Pink dirigió el American project of arrepentimiento, que encuestó a cuatro mil 500 personas en Estados Unidos. There was also a place called The encuesta de arrepentimientoque compiló más de 16 mil historias de arrepentimientos, que compartieron personas de 105 países.

The archetype is definitive. Suele recognizes as “the sensible feeling associated with an accusation or inaccuracy that a person has realized and that he has taken a state of things that deserves different differences”. It is a feeling disposed to be associated with a passive feeling. It also has a process, which is possible thanks to the fact that we have the ability to pass through the past and contour history. It will be thought that the haberdam studio has another career or an elevated vivir in another paro or o haberse casado, la vida sería mejor. The gente is imagined and fabricated in the eyes of those who are more happy if their life is full of other things. Sentiment arrepentimiento es señal de salud mental. You know that if you don’t get it, you might get sick, because you don’t even think about it. Gracias al arrepentimiento se comparan escenarios imaginarios y se asignan culpas. Acknowledging that sometimes we have our own proprietary proprietorship, this is the principle of repercussions and change.

Casi all the arrepentimientos compilados in the investigation of Pink, pertaining to several categories. From La Primara to Lama Arpentementos Fundamentals: C Refirein a la incapacid de demore la la gratification de las dasius. Son, for example, decisions without a clear vision, as gastrointestinal tract and many other things; He also opened the school in the school, in the house or in the kitchen. The considerations of these decisions are not immediate and are evident with the time and when it operates, perceiving how the graves and profits are to be repaired. If you read a phrase in a phrase, it will say, For example, this is a woman from Alberta, Canada. There are many things that last me. Tampoco ahorré para mi retiro, y ahora, a los 62, estoy enferma y quebrada. Much gente mucha gente que responseió las inquestas, describing the excesses of juvenile, as this hombre of 31 August, de Arkansas: When he was young. Baby and fumé demasiado and me acosté with demasiados hombres ” A hombre of Virginia de 49 años: “I have no idea how much more in Serio University.

Much of the testimonials of arrepentimientos fundraiser beber demasiado wine, pasar demasiado tiempo jugando videojuegos, viendo televisión, gastando dinero, dejando de lado estudiar, ahorrar, practicar un deporte. A woman from Arizona added 44 words: “I don’t think I ever found a good therapist 10 or 15 years ago”; A person from Oregon, 57 years ago, said: “I have received a lot of antidepressants in 2002 when I received the first veggies and spare hasta 2010. I have a benign and mesothelioma symptoms and symptoms. start antes “.

At the time of rehearsing it would create a solution: the best moment to plant an árbol is to see more. The second best moment is yes.