Eleanor Holmes Norton says she has an ‘alibi’ to escape the zebra.

It’s all in black and white.

Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), who represents the country’s capital as a non-voting delegate in the House of Representatives, issued a Cheek expression in language Friday denies any role in the recent escape of a group of zebras from a farm in Maryland.

Norton noted that “Leave Zebra” Sometime on Labor Day weekend, “a time when I was enjoying a quiet time at home with my family.”

The statement continues: “My alibi is solid, but given my career fighting for the state for the district, which includes many years of articulating the importance of the consent of the rulers, and my opposition to the recent fences. By watching, I can understand why the allegation was made.I hope the owners will find the zebra and all the people involved will live a long and full life.

Norton spokeswoman Sharon Eliza Nichols credited the statement. Tweeting on Friday “I thought we deserved a ‘zebra’ in the news cycle after living in most parts of 2021.”

Nicholas. Explained to the Washington Post. She was inspired by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who in June 2013 jokingly refused to play a role in the escape of a red panda named Rusty from the National Zoo. (The rusty was finally recaptured.A Zebra does not exist yet.)

“She thinks I’m naughty,” Nicholas told his boss. “So I took her on board for that kind of thing, and it’s done. She has a history of enjoying funny bits, and admits that she did it from the circles. How to help integrate and meet your legislative priorities.

Norton, 84, was elected to the House as a DC delegate in 1990 and is known for his years-long campaign to make his hometown a state. Support for President Biden Earlier this year. Norton also spoke out against a permanent security fence around the building following a January 6 riot by Trump supporters in the US capital.

Zebra (not pictured) escaped from Upper Marlborough, Maryland.
Zebra (not pictured) escaped from Upper Marlborough, Maryland.
China News Service via Getty Images
Norton is a non-voting delegate to the House of Representatives.
Norton is a non-voting delegate to the House of Representatives.
Allison Bailey / Shutterstock.

In 2021, fencing, a 19th-century security approach, should not be our response to the failures of January 6, such as emergencies, when the latest 21st-century methods are available and more effective, ”he said. I said. Obstacles after a commotion Was being removed. We will never allow our Capitol Hill neighborhood to become more of a military zone than a Capitol.

Nicholas said Friday that when at least two reporters called to ask if the statement was serious, “99.8 percent” of people joked.


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