Elias Snow, a Texas firefighter celebrating the anniversary, was found dead in Cancun

A Texas firefighter has reportedly been found dead after his family thought he was abducted at a Mexican resort on holiday to celebrate his wedding anniversary.

Elias Snow, a firefighter in Arlington, and his wife, Jamie, went to a popular resort in Cancun last week. News station DFW-TV reported.

The couple went for a drink at the hotel bar on the first night of their vacation, but sometime in the evening, his wife decided to go back to her room. Shop report.

When she woke up around 4 a.m. Monday, she realized there was no snow, according to the news station.

According to the news agency, he started searching for him and was told that he was found dead after possibly falling between the walls of the next door walkway.

The body of Snow was stuck in the bathroom window of a hotel in the Benito Juarez district, officials in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo said Friday.

Firefighter Elijah Snow dies in Cancun, Mexico
Firefighter Elijah Snow dies in Cancun, Mexico

Officials said the death appeared to be an accident and there were no signs of violence.

However, Snow’s family hired a local lawyer who obtained photos of the crime scene, which showed mostly wounds on his body. News station TV reported.

According to the report, the family believes he was abducted and beaten before he could be killed.

“You’re going to be safe there,” Snow’s mother-in-law, Randy Elegance, told the store. “You are on your way, everyone is involved and you have no intention of leaving so you are safe. And you are not safe there.


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