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When it comes to personal wealth, Elon Musk It is rapidly moving away from the rest of the world.

Musk’s total value rose to 22 223 billion.According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, after an agreement with investors that valued more than 100 billion SpaceX..

The deal provided Musk with an additional 10. 10.6 billion in equity, thanks to ownership of a rocket company he set up in 2002 to colonize Mars. Jeff Bezos’s Amazon.com ranks second on the global list with a value of 1 191.6 billion.

Musk got about three-quarters of his fortune from Tesla, which he co-founded in 2003 after selling e-commerce site PayPal to eBay for 1.5 billion.

The new X-space review comes a year after Hattern, a California-based company made its first test flight to NASA’s International Space Station via astronauts. The company is now more valuable than Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest defense contractor.

Bezos, Zuckerberg.

The world’s billionaires are rapidly accumulating wealth as central banks pour liquidity into the global economy, leaving millions jobless during a weak economic recovery. So far this year The 500 richest people have added 74 742 billion., According to the Bloomberg Index.

But even among the most millionaires, Musk’s growing personal fortunes quickly put him in orbit.

So far in 2021, Bezos Has seen little change in its fortunes, as shares of Amazon stagnated after rising during the epidemic. The fate of Bill Gates His ex-wife, Melinda French Gates, was downgraded after the transfer of assets. Net worth of Mark Zuckerberg It dropped by about 6 66 billion earlier this week after being dropped amid damaging reports of Facebook’s use of social media and hours of service shutdowns.

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