Emigration deported an Afghan family who applied for political asylum in Mexico – El Financiero.

A. Afghan family That Applied for political asylum in Mexico. He was put on a Turkish Airlines plane. He returned to his country. After being Detention for 24 hours At Mexico City International Airport (AICM), the Institute for Women in Migration (AIMM) condemned this Thursday.

The NGO said, “Currently, an Afghan family has been put on a plane to return home, after 24 hours of detention at AICM-MX, to apply for asylum and immigration. Submit documents. ” Of National Migration Agency. (INM) “Once again, it’s a violation of immigration law. And the Asylum Act, “Amomi assured via social media this morning.

Of امومی۔ Stressed a few weeks ago Foreign Secretary And its owner, Marcelo Ebard, has assured that Mexico is ready to accept the Afghan population.

The NGO condemned the fact that the family, whose mother is seven months pregnant, was taken on Turkish Airlines Flight 181, despite the fact that it had filed a restraining order against deportation.

How long will Anami continue to work with forgiveness? Amomi added that Article 6 of the Asylum Act states that “no applicant or asylum seeker can be rejected in any way …

“There is an Afghan family on Flight 181 who has protection against deportation. You cannot deport them from Mexico. If you do, you will be deported from Mexico,” he said, referring to Turkish Airlines. Are violating international law and you become its partner. INM “


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