Emmanuel Macron visits Kiev and denuncias ‘Guerra’s indie indices’ – Meczyki

President de France, Emmanuel Macrondijo este jueves que en un suburbio de Kyiv había Guerra críme indications Luego de las “masacres” comitidas por las fuerzas rusas.

The mandalary habló en Irpín, which visited the countries of Germany, Italy and Romania, to show its response to Ukraine. Macron denounces the “barbaric” attacks That asoloron la ciudad y elogió el valor de los residentses en Irpin y en otras localidades de la región de Kiev, que impidieron la lgada de las fuerzas rusas a la capital.

On his way to Kiev antes in the day, those who read Kiev fueron recibidos with the sonido de las sirenas antiaéres. This message is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program in Europe or Ukraine.

The visit, which included a reunion with Vladimir Zelensky, There is a great deal of symbolism that the three potential Europeans have come up with numerous critical recurrences because we do not believe in the arrogance that recalls the President.

They are still waiting for you to visit Kiev antes. At the end of the seasons and months, many Europeans realized the great journey in train to show its solidarity with a nación atacada, including at the expense of those who combine establishes more than the capital that ahora.

Macron, El Kansler de Almania, Olaf Schulz and the first ministry of Italy, Mario Draghirepresenting the three most important economies of the European Union, traveling to Kiev in a special train nocturnally by the Ukrainian authorities.

Klaus Iohannis, President of Romania, who shared a frontier with Ukraine and had a destined clave for the Ukrainian refugees, traveling in another train. “This is the aggression of Russia, give it a try!”

This is one Message from United Europe For the old Ukrainian, the apologetic Ahora and in the future, because at the very least they will be very different “, said Macron.

Fuerzas rusas siguen presionando en sufensiva en la región oriental del Donbás, ganando terreno de forma pero constante frente a unas tropas ucranianas las que superan en namro y equipos, y que aidental succémentale a núme.

ویریاس sirenas antiaéreas Sonaron en la Capital mientras los líderes europeos estaban en su hotel predapándose para el resto de la jornada, y las autoridades de Kiev instaron a la población a buscar refugio. These alerts are habitual.

On his hotel salute, Macron, read the manus to the heart, declares in English: “Quiero will show me admiration for the old Ukrainian”.

Scholaz said that those who love will not only look for your solidarity, but also for you. Maintenance of ayuda financier and humanitarian in Ukraineademás del suministro de Weaponsreport to the news agency alemana DPA

This reply will be followed by “I love the sea for Ukraine for its independence”, agregó, según fue citado por DPA

Scholaz also made the import of las Sanctions against RussiaThat might bring Moscú to retreat his troops, without the agency.

Scholz, Macron and Draghi have always been critical of maintaining contact with the President of Russia. Vladimir Putin.

Much líderes and población de las naciones y centroeuropeas, que estuvieron bajo la brbita de moscú durante la Guerra Fría, creen que putolo entiende el uso de la fuerza, y han visto de. see the fire. líder ruso tras la invasión como algo is unacceptable.

Los Angeles is expected to make a visit to a point of inflection to avoid a new administration of armies.

Tamara Malko, who resides in Pokrovsk, in the Oriental province of Donetsk, says that Hasta Ahora, Macron and Olaf have been saying “many fríos” with the Ukrainian and that they have a change.

“We think a lot, much, we pause and we have great hopes in Macron and Scholz”, he commented. “We want what we want and we want our dollar”.

Por su parte, el gobernador de Luhansk, Serhiy Haidai, señaló que la visita no aportará nada If the mandarios piden que Ucrania alcance un tratado de paz con Rusia que implique ceder Area. This is something that the Ukrainians do not accept, even more.

“It is safe to assume that our President, Volodímir Zelenski, will not make concessions to our territories. ”, Apuntó.

“Escuchen, this is Russia. This is a very salvage. Hoy será a territorial, mañana otro, pasado mañana otro. al agresor ”, agregó.

The visitor produces a number of prepaid products cumbre de la UE That would be the first time in Brussels that he decided on the solution to convert Kiev to candidacy to enter the bloc. One of the most important, participants in an important reunion of OTAN in Madrid.

For the other part, the ministries of Defense of the Alianza have been reunited with these young men in Brussels to study the most powerful military in Ukraine. The United States and the newcomers to the ayudas are at a moment’s notice that the mayor’s arcs are, at least, the difference between the two and the furrows.

During a visit to Romania and Moldavia on the Vespera, Macron decided to declare a “message of apology” to the Ukrainian antecedents that the Jeffes of the Establishment and the Governorate of Communities “had to make important decisions” in Brussels.

“We are in a moment in what we have to bring señales politicas claras – nosotros, los europeos, la unionóa Europea – hacia ucrania y el pueblo ukraniano ”, firrmó el mandatario francés.

Macron is profoundly impressed by the diplomatic diplomacy to align a little fuego in Ukraine that allows future negotiations. From the invitation of the invasion, to the final of February, we have a frequent contact with Zelenski and hablado varies vees por telefono con Putin.

A long time ago, Scholz was adamant that Kiev was saying that he did not want to “get to the cola of the gente who has a quick visit to take a photo” and that he had to leave the center centered on hassle “cos”.

Berlín anunció el el miércoles que enviárá tres systems de lanzamiento mltiple de cohetes del tipo de los que Kiev dijo que necesita con urgentia para reforz sus defensas.