Equity crowdfunding appears to be resistant to market volatility, is on track for its best year yet – Meczyki.Net

Equity Crowdfunding – Or community raises, as the fundraising platforms involved like to call it – a steady increase over the years. rules Controlling the process continues to evolve in favor of the market, and the venture funding pullback of 2022 may be the final piece needed to calm the fundraising strategy for good.

This year is poised to be a significant one for equity crowdfunding, with capital raising through specific filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, including reggae cf And Reg AFrom a mix of investors who do not need to be accredited.

Over the years, equity crowdfunding has shed a lot of the stigma that meant that only companies that weren’t good enough for VCs got picked up this way. Some traditional VCs have even scouted the platforms or encouraged their portfolio companies to step up the process. But with the fundraising environment now cloudy, equity crowdfunding is getting ready for a field day.

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More than $215 million had been invested in startups on equity crowdfunding platforms as of the end of May this year, according to the Aurora Project, a Republic-owned platform that tracks crowdfunding initiatives and data, compared to the same period last year. The period was about $200 million. , Crowdfunding campaigns raised a total of $502 million in 2021.

While it’s not a huge jump, industry players are encouraged by the growth and see room for further improvement later in the year, as crowdfunding typically sees an uptick around the fourth quarter.