Erick Flores: Establishment of Fed reduxión de estumulos

This semana el mercado se enfoca en la reunion de la Fed, en el informe de nómina no agrícola para el mes de octubre y, por supuesto, otra gran semana para las ganancias del tercer trimester tere S&P 500. la reunion de la Fed, la Reunion of United States, the Bank of England (BoE) and OPEP + petrochemical group of producers.

The reunion of the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve of the United States of America (Fed) terminates the mi yrcoles and it is hoped that the Federal Reserve will announce the signing of the disinformation in the act of compliance. The planes for “reducer” $ 120 billons in comparable menus of tesoro and valves respond by hippotecans are very telegraphed. But this assumption has only one meaningful meaning for the precautions of the activists, because that eliminates the potential impressions.

The invertebrates are also interested in pistols about the Fed podría comenzar and subir las tasas de interés. Jeremy Paul, has shown that if you are looking for a way to recreate the activity of composure, it is important to remember the difference between the two hours. We would like to see a Vista of the Merchant of the Information Business of the Nomenclature of Vernes, specially interested in the PIB of the third trimester by the debacle of the Pronstico and the Fuerte caíbrea of ​​the Pronstico

The OPEP + resonates with the Jews, with the precision of the crude of more than 80 dollars raising the inflation and the perceptiveness of creativity, the gobernos de la naciones consumidoras e energía instan a la opiole probel a Production and decoration of more or less the accordion.

The Russian vice president, Alexander Novak, told Reuters recently that it was expected that the aliens would add 400,000 barrels per day of production, as would be widely accepted. The Ministry of Energy, the Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, also decided to reduce the number of commodities consumed to speed up the production process. The group did not leave crude in the mercado, dijo. As it was expected, the petrochemicals of the petrochemical were submerged.

The English bank is preparing to open the center of the banks that have been closed in the past tenses. The question is only if he acts in the reunion of the juveniles or if he has more time. A presuppositional expanse can be said to have a subdivision. But the English bank’s dependence depends on the fact that it is inflexible, that it pronounces the 5 per cent that mediates that the British economy salga of the pandemia, will not be as transitory as pronostic. The inflectional vertiginosa and the commentary agreesivos de los responsables de formular politicas, incubido el gobernador Andrew Bailey, han provocado una revolvóción drástica de las expectativas de las tasas: se cotiza un de aumento de la 520. I hope to move around in the morning. The frugal economic creation means that the English bank should act accordingly. But in the absence of a tip of the iceberg, there is a message that no sea meaningfully aggravated could result in doloroso for the free esterlina.

Leaders and legislators from around 200 years have been meeting in the city of Glasgow for the conversions about the COP26 climax of the global climate. The recent phenomenological extremes (inundations, sequences and forest incendiary entrances, among others) do not allow the day to come which is urgently needed.

But then again, the main points of the emissaries are legislated to the netizens cero. The leaders of Russia and China will not be able to assist the cumbre and India. However, it has not been compiled that the objection of 100,000 million dollars worth of annuities to ayudar a los paes en desarrollo afrontar las consecuencias cambio climatio a pesar de la fecha lumite asal de 202.

In the midst of innumerable events and events, the mercados tend to be very difficult to analyze, especially to evaluate the new technologies, the most stringent regulations and the many combinations that can have effective effects.

The first Japanese minister, Fumio Kishida, assumed the cargo a mes, but with the elec- tions to the camera baja programs for the domingo, his work or he was in the game. If you find it interesting that your partial Liberal Democrat maintains the most absurdity, it is projected that you will be saved. Una mala actuación pondría a los jefes de partido en busca de un nuevo testaferro antes de las cruciales elecciones de la camara alta el próximo año.

Apart from the carrier of Kishida, the result has been a lot of fun in the current fiscal year because the value of varios is worth millions of dollars. This is the ayuda that needed the economy, given the recent creation and the rebalances of inflation by the bank of Japan.

Indicadorus macroeconomics important

The lunes, the PMI manufactured by ISM for the EU from 60.8 per cent in October, the encyclopedia of 60.4 per cent spread and similar to the 61st per cent in September. The PMI manufactured by the market for EU alkanzó 58.4, due to the estimation of 59.2 and the 60.7 revised alza for septimer. If informed, this is the most authoritative article of PMI manufacturero 2021 hasta el momento.

El Martes, the total sales of vehicles in the EU are exiting 5 million units of Livianas and 12.2 million annuals, due to the increase in chips.

The miracles, the ADP debts will be +369K in October, for debts of +568K in September. The decree on the Fed and the monetary policy declaration for the United States.

The jubilee will take the reunion of the OPEP + and the reunion of the English bank (BoE).

Elsewhere, the no-brainer of the EU deberían subir + 385K in October, will see a debit + 194K in September. Essay on the decimals of the hogs. Yo Yo Debería ser del 4.6 por ciento. The U6 of the EU’s most powerful device will be 6.9 per cent.

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