‘Estamos para sumar’, dice – Meczyki

El Mexico Jeff LohnoEmpresario del grupo estadounidense Play blueDeclare these are the games that came with ‘responsability’ adquisión del Leganés y dijo que llegan ‘para sumar y no cambiar’ la filosofía del club.

The family Moreno Pavón discovered the club on December 24, 2008 In a delicate economic situation, when he was encountered in Segunda B. A part of this moment, experimenting with a creativity that included a vivir una etapa in the maximum category of Spanish football.

Treas años y medio después, Felipe Moreno and Víctor Pavón sold only 92.6 per cent of the accusations a Blue Crow Sport, derived by the Mexican emperor Jeff Luhnow, que Pass the serpentine club madrileño

Jeff Luhnow went to ‘Sumar’ in Leganés

Recognize the responsibility that the group has to go. Celebramos el aniversario 94 del club y we all in Serio esta nueva etapa. Represent a group of very serious people who are in love with the sport. What we want in Leganés is hacerlo crecer And continue what we have heard from Felipe Moreno and Victoria Pavón – the interiors of the last caterpillars ”, declares Luhnow, in the present presentation at which he announced the change of proprietor.

“The reason why we’re in the sport is because we don’t like a game. We always have a great feeling for continuity and success all that is the club. I have a lot of confidence in the gente who is here and in the group of work that we have with the executors of the numbers ”, confessed.

We are not to change, we are to sumer. The memories that existed in the last 94 years are more important than the memories that we create in the future ”, said the Mexican emperor, who discovered that the process of searching for a European empire was searching.

¿Could it be the process to buy the ‘ideal equip’?

We visit different countries, different mercados, and Spanish is the one that is more creative than the future. Given the changes in CVC and the economic limit that exists. Spain is the center of football all over the world. They have the best equipments in the world and if they are in football, they will be in Spain ”, explained the empire.

“Dentro de Iso, The Leganés were the best combination of all that we searched for with the potential to create for the gente, the municipalidad, estadio, ciudad deportiva, conexi conn con resto de españa y proximidad a madrid y aeropuertos ”, apuntó.

Á Cuál es la clave del éxito para Jeff Luhnow?

For Jeff Luhnow and the group that represents “el itxito no es a corto plazo

If you plan to go to court, you will see the largo and we will not sacrifice the future.. Intentamos salir a ganar cada temporada porque The meta is always a donde estés. We are going to have to wait a long time to have a productive channel. Jamás tendremos los recursos de los grandes de España pero We will compete with the best, lists, and more y teniendo acceso a jugadores que no tienen el resto ”, manifesto.

“Implementing a deserrol system that can potentially sell us. We use a lot of technology And we have an act that can help us evaluate the opportunities. What we want to compete is to create ventures in many areas. We are trying to bring in more resources to improve ”, he said.

What is it that plans to make the Lexans the most tempting?

About the temporarily tempered plant, which has been moved by Emanol Idiakez, declaring that it will “invert what you need”.

“In La Liga there are limits and there are many factors. We have resources to convert in the deportation, infrastructure and other parts of this organization. We passed the time desirollando planes for what we see and if we want to invert it because we need the chertza that we are having a lot of time”, Confession.

“Feminine football is going to be a priority for us, in the United States we have a very strong interest and we are approving that this is very difficult”, said Luhnow, who approves to ‘advance’ the latest trends.

“This club is the affiliation and that is what Victoria Pavón and Felipe Moreno have done for the last 14 years we want continents.