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The climax or simply the adverbs of the ciclo escular, are some of the colors by which Coahuila, Jalisco y Aguascalientes It is believed to be the beginning of the beginning of the year 2022 vacancies. The Financier will tell you how many new things will happen ¡Anótalas!

The Secretariat of Education in Coahuila (SEDU) and the secrets of magisterial syndicates accorded an order for the calendar 2020-2023 based on the extreme climatic conditions of the state.

Francisco Saracho Navarro, the title of the SEDU, says that the federal vigent calendar 2021-2022, marca fin fin cursos el 28 de julio, y en Coahuila el day 7 de julio.

Even though the acuordo has not been published in the official period of the state, it is a fact that The small school in the city of Cominzará and concludes with fechas distintas al resto del país.

The School of the Initiative is programmed to run from the 15th of August, and will end on the 10th of July 2023; el resto de los estados del país tienen marcado el inicio de classes the 29th of August and concludes on the 26th of July 2023.

Rafael Gonzalez Sabido, Special Representative of the 5th Selection of the National Council of Trabajadores de Educaci din dijo que The re-guarantee guarantees 190 days of work in the market.

“Biskamos Find the best condiments To get an effective process of quality education ”, said the representative representative.

Durante la primavera, Coalition of other temperaments that complicate the permanence of alumni and masters en lalas aulas; The educational educators also agreed that the number of schoolchildren was not counted for the care of mobility and services to make the calorie front.

In the state of Aguascalientes, The alumni of the Basic Education Basic Health Vacation on July 15th.Ulises Reyes Esparza, Director of the Institute of Educational Institutions, who also mentioned that her assistants will be present on July 18 to attend administrative meetings.

“Previo 15 hay una jonada de tres dasas para la part de la evaluación y posteriormente un día de descarga administrative donde las maestras y maestros van a estar preparando las evaluaciones. This is the beginning of permanence in schoolsThe evaluation will be a flexible escalator, considering the characteristic individualities of the alumni and the alumni, their grades, their newfaces, ”commented Reyes Esparza.

On the other hand, it will happen This is looking for the form that represents the most possible alumni and alumni And those who have no credit elements if they can be repaired “This is a hoax, but it will always be a privilege to have an appraisal of the evaluation of the appraisal that can pass with the qualification of the manipulative apparatus that in this case is a seis.”

Chairman Esparza Give the concoction that he is tired of working in the alphabet of the alumnidijo que es una lucha de todos los días.

Asimismo dio a conocer que actualmente hay 291 mil alumnos inscritos en educación básica, The quotes from the passage of 24 miles of media education.

The Secretariat of Education Meet inform the adelanto a la Clausura del Cyclo Escular, I went to the 15th of July when originally I was designating for the 28th of May.and the agreement has the object of reconciling the decentes, parents and alumni by the complications of the period.

Asa lo señaló en entrevista el Secretary of Education, Juan Carlos Flores Miramonts“There is no such thing as a high school, there is complete, we will have a great deal of respect and I will know that we are still resolving the most possible possibilities.”

Informed that the decision was made by a charla with el Gobernador Enrique Alfaro, as well as with federal authorities; The prevalence of clausura tends to be specific to the alumni who require a special attachment,

The functional agregó que Durante el periodo vacacional, los docentes trabajarán en la reforma curricular, “We are professionally pursuing the evolution of this, since it is not possible to present it to the secretaries, it depends on the status of all documents, but it is a matter of trust.” Presenting the secretaries of the community as the center of the esophagus, the school is at the center “.

Agregó que From the 4th to the 8th of July, there will be a list of caliphate boletas y del 11 al 14 los certificados para que finalmente el 15 terminen las classes For a million 660 million basic education students.