EU approves project on arms control – Financiero

The United States Senate voted 65-33 in April a bipartisan legislation on the security of arms que es aclamada como el mayor avance en el tema en tres décadas.

The vote produces the same day The Supreme Court revoked a letter from New York that required people to show one Necessary special port of a fuego arm in public, dictating to the Prime Minister that the Second Enmienda protects the portals of the fugitive arms.

The two-dimensional accusations, which appear on the other side of the calf, subdivide the divisions of the divisions that have arisen over the politics of arms in the context of the ancient mascaras in a primary school in Uvalde, Texas, and cometable Buffalo, New York , ڈونڈی A total of 31 people were killed as a result.

The senators, who have had a long time to find a train like on the security of the armies, reinforce the negativity of the status quo of the Assassins, produce the United Nations project to improve the quality of antecedents verificationAccompany schools and other federal funds to the states to fight the Violent Armada.

I hope the camera approves the project of Ley and invites the secretary of President Joe Biden to his firm anticipation of a resuscitation of two seasons.

“In April, Ley bipartidista de comunidades más seguras, el congresso tomará medidas meaningativas para salvar vidas”, said Casa Blanca in a declaration of apology for the project. “This legislation will be one of the most important means that the Congress will continue to reduce the arbitrariness of Violence in the Decades, branding our fuerzas of public order and fiscals new hermes in fishes”

Según la legislación, All the states tend to have the opportunity to receive information to help reduce the number of interventions in crisis cases.independently of the fact that the “bandera roja” lets the juices retrieve the arms of the proprietors possibly peligrosos.

تمبیئن prevé mejoras in the national system of antecedent verificationInclude the incentives of the states to carry the menus registers to allow better revisions of the armies of 18 to 21 years.

The project of ley

The project includes millions of dollars in funds for ayudar a asegurar las escuelas and improve the salutary mental resources.

The “legal of the novice”, which is objectionable, prevents those who share condolences in certain arms, even if they are afraid. There is no disposal of the original model that allows restoring the domestic abusers if they are still, are different or have a problem with the victim. But in a compromise, a person condenses for a delightful manor to attach his heart to a wolf to buy an armament from the little ones and completes his requests.

The project will also help you new pennies pennies cut off for the people who have made up their minds and traffic armaments for use in delicacies, or evaden elegante the requisitions of licenses.

لاس Details of legislation Fueron discutidos por cuatro negociadores del senado: The Republicans John Cornyn of Texas and Thom Tillis of Carolina del Norte and the deputies Chris Murphy of Connecticut and Kyrsten Cinema of Arizona.

The leader of the Senado, Mitch McConnell, said he would help the project.a sense of humor “that ayudó a allanar el camino hakia un amplio apoyo bipartidista.

The bondage of sin, la National Association of Rifle Announces its Opposition to the Project el martes por la noche.

“You can use this legislation to break the rules of arrogance, to get rid of the status quo and to use the federal laws to finance the control of the state of affairs.

Los Lderes republicanos de la Cámara se oponen al projecto de ley y This is instructing the republicans in this camera to vote against you. The prohibition of sin, no pass from it.