Evelyn Salgado calls the redbolar as the opposite of the Violence of Guinea and Guerrero

Durante el informe de avances en torno a la atención de Alerts d Violencia de Género contra las Mujeres en Guerrerola gobernadora Evelyn Salgado Paneda Here is a list of all the institutes and secretaries of the Gobiier Estatal, the redolar esfuerzos for the continuation of transversales and con Perspectives de JaneiroQue se traduzcan en mejoras meaningativas para el Sector femenino.

In this event, give the connoisseur the same compliment as one of the las. 13 medidas stabilcidas en la Alerta de Género por Agravio ComparadoThe last grants to the recent probationary by the Congress of the State of the Reformed Código Penal, in Article 159.

Accompanied by the title of the National Commission for Prevention and Eradication of Violence Against Women (Conavim), Fabiola Alliance SamanoThe mandate of the state that es prioritize enfocar los esfuerzos al complimento de las medidas establecidas en estas alertswith a firm and absolutely compromise on attention, prevention and elimination of violetism against the mujer en todas sus dimensiones.

“We have more compromises than firms, so let’s work on our mujeres guerrerenses y de la mano con todas ustedes que trabajan todos los días por las mujeres de mexico “, expresó.

The mandalaria señaló que se trata de un esfuerzo conjunto en el que se se busca dotar a las mujeres en todos los rincones del estado, de Basic servicesacces to the salute, Caminosdesorrol support, security, protection, access a violet book, educating, employing, among many rubbers, that only possible media could coordinate the interstitution of secret secretaries, organizations and collectives. In estedo agradeció el support the federation to find more and better strategies.

Evelyn Salgado expresses that primordial is to solve the problem, to be able to identify the accusations that Permit erradicarlo y en consecuenciaEstablish more public publications on the benefits of employees.

“From the very first moment we reunite our responsibility, the conflict, the asymmetry with the absolute compromise. resaldo permanente de Conavim And to all those who integrate this great equipo, let us take the best of the conditions of life of all the women in Guerrero ”, added.

In its participation, the title of Conavim expresses its reconciliation to the gobernador for all the work that is impulsive in favor of the salvation and promotion of the courtesy of the mujeres, as reflected in the application. Public politics is sensible and compromise, to take care of the needs of women and children desigualdades and injustices.

Given that the hacker of the haber aprobodo the constituent reform by declaring to the women, this is one of the most important mediums of alertness, which has allowed ten important advances in its attention.

Nosotros tenemos la meta en Guerrero y lo hemos compartido con la gobernadora, de llegar a noviembre a la Possibility of reading some of the mediums“, Adelantó.

In the secret of the mujer, Violetta Pino Geron, noting that the adversary, Conavim has made an update in relation to the relational alert with the Violencia feminicida, and since then ratifies the 21 mediates of stable origins. The las que 8 se refieren a medidas de prevención, 5 of security, 4 of justification and reparation of the day; además se ratifica el lamado a los 9 situations alerts that signals are being transmitted to pointer attenuation to the seizures of this protection mechanism.

Assistie a este evento la representante de la CNDH, Adela Moniz Guadarama; El Magistrado President del Tribunal Superior de Justicia, Raymundo Casarrubias Vázquez; la diputada local Yoloczin Domínguez Serna; Secretary-General de Guberno, Ludwig Marcial Reynoso Núñez; Coordinator for the Fraudulent Violence of Feminicida, Flor Dessiré León Hernández; The secret salute of the state, Eddie Abrez Castro; The Secretariat of Education, Marcial Rodríguez Saldaña; El Secretario de Sigurڈاdad Publica del Estado, Avilio Mendes Gomez; The fiscal general of the state, Sandra Luz Valdovinos Salmerón, among other actors gubernamentales and sociales.