Everton will have to beat Michael Kane vs. Burnley.

That’s when Rafa Benitez was first announced as Everton manager. Conflict Among supporters at Gadison Park

His frustration was also perfectly justified. He lost Carlo Ancelotti and brought in a coach who has such a strong connection to Liverpool and Anfield.

These bad vibes have been quickly wiped out, however, with a possible nine to seven points at the start of the season with Spinard Engineering.

On the chalk board.

Benitez’s new landmarks hit the ground running brilliantly, Demray Gray finds net give Opportunities already

However, the Toffees have struggled in one area of ​​the pitch. Defensively

Ben Godfrey and Erik Mina are missing from the early stages of the campaign, which means Mason Holgate and Michael Kane’s center-back duo.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Everton has just kept. One Clean sheet in all competitions this season, the last time against Brighton.

Should Ken play on Monday?

No chance!

No chance!

Yes please!

Yes please!

At the time, Ken was actually in good shape. The English won. 100 He was even more successful with his defensive battles. 92 To him

This was a rare good performance by Centerback, which has in fact been the responsibility in 2021/22.

Of k 69 thousand per week The earner failed to select his man for the goal that Everton conceded against Huddersfield in the Carabao Cup and he was also at fault in the draw with Leeds.

Kane turned slowly and couldn’t stop the ball, which led to Patrick Bamford taking possession and then allowing Matthews to play in the clich, which caught the net.

The term has been widely criticized, especially by sports witness Sean Lant. Talking about his disability last month, the reporter. Commented“Another sinister point of recognition for Everton and this is Michael Kane again. He’s scared again. Everton would do well to sell at this point.”

Selling the 28-year-old may be a long way off, but Benitez would be wise to remove him from his starting XI when he faces his former team Burnley.

They will face the Clarts next Monday and. Can be extended With the return of Mina and Godfrey, both of whom are now returning to fitness.

Despite his productive performance against Brighton, it is still incredibly difficult to have full confidence in Kane. He should be taken out of the firing line.

And in other news, Signed for 28 28 million, now worth 90 90 million: Ken Wright hits gold with 325k-p / w gems for Everton;

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