Example Miguel Mery Ayup model of courts specializing in domestic violence before SCJN

At the memorial event for International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and SCJN, Miguel Mery Ayup, Magistrate President of the Coahuila’s legal branch, presented the model for courts specializing in domestic violence as a good practice for prevention and eradicate violence against women.

The event took place in the head office building The nation’s highest court with the inauguration of the Minister Arturo Zaldivar, President of the Supreme Court of the Nation and in Council of the Federal Judiciary.

Mery Ayup participated in the table of judges and judges: “Access to justice and the eradication of violence. Relevant assessments and standards. Judicial decisions as mechanisms to eradicate violence against women ”.

In his speech, he showed progress Courts specializing in domestic violence almost a year after its formation in Coahuila.

The chairman of the TSJE spoke on a point by murder of women in a degree of trial, which was recently concluded in the Entity and for which a conviction was handed down 26 years and eight months for the attacker.

Also of compensation for the damage to the victim which consisted of one financial fines and offer a public apology within 30 days of the execution of the sentence.

In addition, Mery Ayup presented to the participants at the table about how a case was received in the Specialized Courts for Family Violence, whichand they have mixed expertise in family and criminal matters.

He explained that the criminal case arising from the complaint that the victim had submitted to the public ministry was first brought before these courts.

At the same time, the demand for a special procedure for domestic violence was received Center for Justice and Empowerment for Women to request maintenance from the judge in favor of the couple’s two minor children; both guard and custody; and the temporary suspension of the visitation and coexistence regime for the man (the attacker) with the two children.

“The case was dealt with both in criminal cases and in family receives in both cases a quick response and avoid exposing women againMery Ayup explained.

To conclude her participation, Mery stated that Coahuila’s judicial power is seeking with this model of courts guarantee the safety of abused women, as well as his daughters and sons.

Also promote a fast and bureaucratic collection of both measures alimony, as guardian and custody of children; and primarily non-repetition of acts of violence to the detriment of Coahuila womenhe added.

The Minister also attended the event Yasmín Esquivel Mossa, Chairman of the Interinstitutional Committee on Gender Equality in the Federal Branch; the adviser Eva Verónica av Gyvés Zárate, by the Federal Judicial Council and member of the CIIG-PJF, and Magistrate Monica Aralí Soto Fregoso, in the Electoral Court of the Judiciary of the Federation and a member of the CIIG-PJF.

In addition to the presence and participation of judges from local courts, members of ECLAC, MESECVI (Follow-up mechanism to the Belém do Pará Convention), by Chambers of Deputies and Senators, by INMUJERES, av CONAPRED, av CONAVIM, from the UN Women in Mexico, as well as national and international academics.

On November 26, various topics related to violence will be discussed in working meetings, dialogues and a keynote conference.

At the same time, they will be broadcast live on the Supreme Court’s social network and on the TV channel JusticeTv from the Federal Judicial Branch, and the website.


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