Excitement and ‘extreme panic’ for Glastonbury revelers taking the train to the fair


The celebrants expressed their excitement and excitement after arriving in Paddington, London, to board trains for Glastonbury.

Thousands of ticket holders have been stranded during the festive season in the days of major rail and tube strikes. ۔

Gina Conway, 30, of London, and Sarah Tan, 26, arrived in Paddington at 7.30am on Wednesday to try to clear the roadblocks, but were kept in line for hours.

Sarah Tan, 26, and Gina Conway, 30, at Paddington Station (Ashley Ruggles / PA) / PA Wire

Ms Conway, who has been to Glastonbury five times, told the PA News Agency: “We arrived here three hours before our train. We were stupid. We thought we could jump on any train.

“We thought they would be kind because of the strikes but they did not let us go so now we are waiting.

“The bus we take takes us to Paddington station. The first stop is at our house. After that, every stop was completely closed.

“People were arguing there, they were making a fuss, they had to take the burden off people.”

She added that she had been to Glastonbury several times with her father, who was attending an art gathering with a group of disabled children.

At 9 a.m., hundreds of people lined up in Paddington with their bags to receive the Castle Care service.

Sasia Norris, 25, and Camilla Seward, 26, at Paddington Station (Ashley Ruggles / PA) / PA Wire

Camilla Seward, who was traveling with her friend Sasha Norris, 25, felt “overwhelmed” by the announcement of the train strikes.

The 26-year-old told PA: “Last week we weren’t sure how we got there, we both live near tubes in London so I thought it would be easy but no, my backup plan was to walk. With all my luggage at Paddington, an hour and a half from Battersea, I was not going to miss my train.

“A friend of ours is coming after this evening and I am afraid she will get stuck. We have reserved seats in the train so they will definitely let you in the train.

“This is my first real festival. We bought tickets almost three years ago. I’m so stressed about getting there that I never thought I’d be excited to see anyone, but I’m a fan of Taylor Swift.” I was very excited for those who are not performing anymore but it would be great anyway.

The identical twins, Victoria and Rebecca Wilkinson, were among those who lined up at Paddington with their bags.

Rebecca, who has been to Glastonbury 10 times, said: “I think we’re fine because we’ve got the tickets. I think anyone who buys that day will struggle.

“I’m hoping that Harry Styles and Elton John will come to Glastonbury. I’m not a big fan of the lineup but we don’t go for the lineup, so if Harry comes it is only going to end. It will go up one level. “

Rebecca and Victoria Wilkinson arrive early to board their train for the Glastonbury Festival (Ashley Ruggles / PA) / PA Wire

Victoria added: “I have been in Australia for 10 years so I remember five years of Glastonbury with my sister. Eight of us are shining this year and my friend who came from Saudi Arabia with her mother Has come for

“She is from Kent but works and lives in Saudi Arabia and especially Glastonbury has come to visit with her mother. She is 67 years old and she loves it.”

A spokesman for National Express, the festival’s official coaching partner, said it was providing about 33,000 trips from more than 70 locations across the UK.

He added: “Today is a busy day for us with more than 50 staff at different locations and about 500 coaches on the road.

“There are some queues because we load passengers and there are minimal delays in departures but we are experienced in managing this and are confident that customers will arrive in a timely manner to fully enjoy the fair. . “

A spokesman for the Great Western Railway, which operates a train service between London Paddington and Castle Kerry near the Glastonbury Festival, said seven of its nine additional train services had run between the two stations by 1.30pm on Wednesday.

These services are in addition to the usual scheduled services that will also take visitors to the site.

He added: “The services we planned are working well.

“The majority of festival-goers today travel to Paddington with a queuing system, where necessary, to manage demand.

“Most customers have traveled now, and we’re grateful for everyone’s patience.”