Executive Director of YWCA Paso del Norte

Sylvia Acosta, who died at the YWCA in the Paso del Norte Region, a trip to the pandemic of the Covid-19 and the mayor’s regalo in the history of the organization, reunited with the executive director.

Acosta does not want to be contacted for comment, but in a declaration he says: “There is a lot of increments, and there is always a lot of excitement and a lot of logos from the YWCA. Create firms in the organization of eliminating racism and empowering women, and continue to live these valued values ​​that approximate my chances of success. Espero seeks support for the YWCA “.

Jessica Christianson, President of the YWCA in the Paso del Norte Region, joined the Acosta durante variants with many different parameters for the Paso and the Agencia, one of the organizations without fines more than the great regin.

“Create one of the things that are more exciting than the acousta and the organization, this is the form in which we continue to provide long-lasting services to the infinite pandemic and release all to the gamma of trajectories.”

“Sylvia is a great personality in our community and has developed her contacts and facilities in the fundraising process to allow us to realize many programs based on missions as capital projects”, said Dijo.

The YWCA of El Paso has received more than 40 million dollars in 2019, the most recent of which has been registered for fiscals. Acosta received a total of 190 million dollars this year, despite the financial records.

Acosta was convinced by the Executive Director of YWCA in 2017. Internally he was the superior administrator of education and he was satisfied as a Vice-Chancellor Assistant at the University of California.

One of the missions clave of the organization has been lucid against the racism, and Acosta convinced one of them that the community would be disappointed that a supremacist blank matara 23 people in the Walmart de Cielo Vista in 2019 hijares. , Acosta also said he was a defender of the human treatment of migrants in the frontier.

The YWCA, which is the proof of the infinite greater than the city, has a great desire to see that the Covid azotara a El Paso in March 2020. Illness But the YWCA also offers infantile services to the socorists and medical providers to provide salute services.

In December 2020, MacKenzie Scott announced that he would donate 20 million dollars to the YWCA in El Paso, the biggest individual donation to realize a great organization without fines. About 4 million dollars worth of novelties and ex-sponsorship of Amazon fundraiser, Jeff Bezos, announced this.

Sereka Barlow, a medical executive who has been a member of the YWCA team, is pleased to announce that the Executive Director will be looking for a new leader. Barlow, an official retiring employee, was appointed as the Director of Operations of The Hospitals of Providence Sierra Campus from 2018 onwards.

“We have a lot of big capital projects in March that are unresolved at this moment, we have the problems of the administration and inflation, and we have a lot of experience in this front, we will really be able to take action because of this.” Christian