Exhibition presents llamadas between Alejandro Gertz Manero and Emilio Lozoya’s baby

This is the first time we’ve seen new conversations with recent telephone conversations. Alejandro Gertz ManeroThe title of the General Fiscalía of the Republic (FGR), as the sub-supplier Juan Ramosnegociando con Emilio Luzoya Thalmannpadre de Emilio Luzoya Austinexdirector de Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex).

One of the deficient audios in the periodical radio program Carlos Lorette de MullaSuppose Gertz Manero is the father of Emilio Lozoya Austin disistirse de un amparo and the statement that there is no communication of mismo.

No acceptance.This is not a joke, this is a joke, this is an unintentional decision because there is no gambling, ”he said. لوزویا تھلمن. For the latter, the father of the executor Pemex offered a disclaimer.

“What is your dream, ya no metas a ese… For favor frente because the things are better than the love Just a decent decent that you define“, Externó Gertz.

Cabe will see that the defense of the law is legally enacted in June 2020, the abogado Javier Coelho Inform that, derived differences on the defense strategy, to represent Lozoya.

In other cases gravitational pull is an enabler of Fiscalía, who likes this لوزویا تھلمن that the fiscal “has some problems for those who enter”.

Ann Otter Audio, L.A. Sub-Procurator Ramos The information about Papri’s Enrique Lozoya who sued with his spouse, Gilda Austin:

At this point, the FGR indicates that, at this very moment, the ex-director of Pemex has not been compliant with the repercussions of the pennies in front of the casket Odebrecht y Agronitrogenados.

What about the llamas between Alejandro Gertz Manero and Emilio Lozoya’s dad?

Llamada uno

تھلمن: Señor fiscal, a tus órdenes.

Gertz: Mira, I can tell you that you and your family are in conflict …

T: No, no, no.

G: Me lo acaban de notificar, eh.

T: This is a mistake. See adelantaron. Not the same with our authorization.

G: Nada más para que no vaya a haber una … yo no acepto dobles lenguajes, eh. Ni las jugadas de ese pinche bandido, del abogadete ese, eh.

T: Por eso lo puse en orden ayer. You have a problem. He wants to write in a few minutes, which he wants because he doesn’t want to play. We are making a lot of progress with orientation and collaboration.

G: Which is the most desirable. It is not possible to find such a cabrón, because it is a perverter. Busca a una gente decente que te defienda.

T: An abrasion and a disclaimer, in fiscal terms.

Lamada Dos

T: Aquí molestándolo.

R: Estoy revisando.

T: That’s right.

R: i Quiere venir mañana?

T: ¿El viernes le parace bien? A las 11. A las 11 ahí estaremos. España ya empezaron con casos de corona virus. But we will continue.

Llamada tres: Ramos-Thalmann

Thilman: Licensed, very capable. Complete with the indications, or try to localize what you have given me. Acta de nacimiento, matrimonio, medicalado medical and el comprobante de domicilio.

Ramos: Bean.

T: ¿Hay alguna noticia de cuándo llegaría?

-Silencio prolongado.

T: Lo que usted ordene, el señor fiscal y usted. Nos vayamos a cruzar.

R: No tango notice.

T: Quería ponerme a sus órdenes. I Quiere que vayamos?

R: No, that’s what you have to do when you take your esposa, the abolitionists are solicited and accredited to what they say. Ustedes lo tienen que tener. For the sake of adalantando.

T: Lo que usted ordene. My writing is for my ignorance.

R: When he gets it, he gets it live.

T: ¿Nosotros debemos estar en el juzgado?

R: Sí.

T: ¿Ahí nos daría alguna indicación?

R: No, ahí les darán acceso a ella, a los que estén presentes. Nosotros no, because if not there is a parent who is our defender.

T: No, no, no.

R. Ellos ya saben cómo presentarlo. If you comment on your abode, if you can find more things.

T: Una disculpa … algo que usted supiera.

R: If we know something, let’s decide.

T: Le agradecemos la paciencia. Always stay in other places. More advanced