Exigen reformar elecciones del Concejo Municipal

El Pasoans for Fair Elections (Paseños por Elecciones Justas), a special committee of the Comité de Acción Política Justicia Fronteriza, delivered 11,022 signatures on Thursday in support of its petition to change the financial form. a cambiar a alcalde y representatives de la Ciudad.

The Secretariat of the City of El Paso, according to the Municipal Code, now has 30 days to validate that the group submitted at least 10 thousand 875 valid firms, the equivalent of 5 percent of the participation, in general of the participation presentar el tema al Councilo Municipal. Then, the Cabildo can vote if it includes the article in the elections of May or reject it. A firm counts as valid when the person is a registered voter who lives within the limits of the city of El Paso.

The initiative consists of three propositions: Proposal A would limit campaign contributions to a thousand dollars per donor and require them to reveal their place of work; Proposition B would establish a campaign financing program paid with city funds for candidates who agreed to limit their campaign contributions and expenses; y la Proposition C would introduce voting by order of preference, a system in which voters classify a candidates by order of preference. The system will eliminate the second round elections that are now required when no candidate receives the majority of votes.

If the Municipal Council rejects or modifies any of the propositions of the petition, the group must collect a second round of firms to place their initiatives on the electoral ballot.

The initial objective of the group was to send the signatures last May so that the Municipal Council would consider the proposals and collect the signatures if needed before August 22: the limit date for the petitions of the council to appear on the November limit.

But the group struggled to collect valid signatures and meet the deadline due to the confusion of people with the city and county limits and who was eligible to sign the petition.

El grupo retrasó su date of presentation to guarantee that they will count all the firms, said the President of Justicia Borderiza, Verónica Carbajal, quien se postuló unsuccessfully for the mayorship in 2020.

“We wanted to make sure that we were able to defend each firm that we sent, and that we could defend it before the Municipal Council, before the tribunal of justice, if we were to present a demand,” said Carbajal.

Now, the organizers aim to put their proposals on the electoral ballot of May 2023. The group must present a second round of firms at the end of February, according to Carbajal.

“La gente tiene mucha hambre de esto”, said Carbajal. “Están hambrientos de un gobierno de la ciudad que responda, y no importa en qué parte de la ciudad nos contremos”.

Carbajal said that the group will make the proposals a campaign theme for the four seats in the Cabildo de El Paso that are in the November elections.

“Cualquier candidate who wants our support, will have to compromise to support this initiative and also limit their own contributions to the campaign,” said Carbajal.

Until now, the efforts of the organization have been financed by the 83 million dollars that the committee received from More Perfect Texas, an organization that aims to strengthen democracy in . Texasíosapoianesapoianosafianos . Most of these funds have already been used, said Carbajal.

“Cambiar la ley como ciudadano es increíblemente difícil y no debreia ser tan difícil, pero estamos trabajando con lo que tenemos”, dijo Carbajal.