Expected 5 weapons in Fortnight Chapter 2 Season 8.

Fortnight Chapter 2 Season 8 is moving forward with many surprises for the players on the horizon.

Chapter 2 as Season 7. Fortnight. Straight to the event, Battle Royale fans are wondering what Season 8 will offer. There is a lot of focus on weapons.

Weapons keep coming and going in Fortnight. This is just a part of the game of vaulting and unstable. When it comes to Chapter 2 Season 8, a handful of weapons players should expect from the start.

Top 5 Weapons to Expect in Fortnight Chapter 2 Season 8

# 5 – Drum Gun.

Drum Gun has its ups and downs with the Fortnight player base. After winning the original volatile vote, he lost again. That may not be the case, but many fans are calling for the return of the drummer. Epic Games can only listen to them.

# 4 – A new SMG.

It’s not verified, but some notable and trustworthy people have shared it. Fortnight. On the right side of the picture in the tweet is what appears to be a new type of SMG or pistol. The safe bet is that it is some kind of SMG and may come with a possible post-apocalyptic theme for season 8.

# 3 – Monsters

There are a lot of rumors about a new place known as The Sideways which will host all sorts of weird things from zombies to monsters. Monsters are said to be capable of riding, which can easily turn them into a great weapon for players. He runs and crushes others, takes swipes, and who knows what else.

# 2 – Kanai.

With Norto’s confirmation for Fortnight Knight Chapter 2 Season 8, the talk of canine weapons and even explosives has intensified. This will probably be a very rare item in the game, perhaps as a legendary weapon. This is a rumor that players should expect to come true.

# 1 – Crazy Max Weapon.

Leaked with the above loading screen. Fortnight., Many fans believe that the desert or even the aftermath of the theme will come in season 8. On the character’s shoulder, which could represent the upcoming Mad Max crossover, is an unknown weapon. Is it a shotgun or an assault rifle? Either way, this weapon will definitely find its place in the Battle Royale at some point.


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