Extremely close to the EU to capture Chueco

The Mexican colony extends internationally to the capture of José Noriel Portillo Gil, aka El Chueco, presents a homicidal of two saccharides and a turquoise ocher in the Sierra Tarahumara of Chihuahua, and the collados of Chihuahua, and

There was also the capture of César Iván Portillo, the first ascension of the Jesuits Javier Campos and Joaquin Mora, and the tourist’s Pedro Palma.

With the parade of El Chueco, the National Institute for Migration (INM) emits an alert migration against the presumption of humidity.

“He was alerted to the federations of the Federal Migration that are not so comfortable in the frontiers of Chihuahua, but in all the frontiers of the country, because if we try to evade the justification in these points, the points of justice. The United States states have agreed to co-ordinate the localization and maintenance of this facility, ”said Ricardo Mejía Berdeja, Federal Secretary of Public Security.

Agregó que, a pesar de ser an asunto del fuero común, se hizo un exhorto de colaboración, por que que la dependencia federal interviene para colaborar en el esclarecimiento del creamn emitió una boleta de besqueda y captura Joe portilillo.

We are looking for a solution to the problem and the security of the secretarial ciudadana emitió una boleta de bisquida en localiza. preto’Elilo’s. sacerdotes y el guía de turistas ”, explicó.

He was alerted to the migration stories, not only in the frontiers of Chihuahua, but in all parts of the country; He also requested the help of the Patrulla Frontieriza of the United States to codify the localization in this regard.

Ricardo Mejia Bardeja, Sub-Secretary de Seguridad Public Federal

Agregó que también la de Justicia del estado de chimiahn ema boleta de búsqueda, “offering a recompense of the pesos of the country and the information of the port. ۔

On the other hand, the official accusations, the Compañía de Jesus and the Centre de Derechos Humanos Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez confirm that the cuerpos encountered correspondence with the Jesuit Jesuits and the Jewish guerrillas.

The jesus agradesiron la diliganci de de las autoridades, pero pidieron que ese mismo interés y celeridad para localizar a las personas se applique para las familia de los desaparecidos.

“We know that, in a month with more than 100 million people desperate, our women are desperate for 72 hours, there is a coordinated search for the three nieces and nephews. It is quite acceptable to the mayor of the family of Cuyos casos no public attention in public ”, he said, referring to the communication of a princess.

The Jesuits died at the conicer that Mañana Sábado tendered to the local 12:00 hours (13:00 hours from the center of Mexico), in the template of the Corazón of Jesús, localized in the city of Chihuahua, in the city of Chihuahua, Find the Memory of the Saccharides Javier Campos and Joaquin Mora.

Ayer, the family and friends of Velaron and Pedro Palma, a group of tourists gathered at the two Jesuits, in a funerary in the city of Chihuahua.

In this context, the Public Security Secretariat of the State (SSPE), in conjunction with the Secretariat of the National Defense (Sedena) and the Guardia Nacional, was transformed into the city of Urique and Chihuahua at the time of its capture. armas largas, un arma corta y droga.

Acquire the reports preliminaries between the elves from César Iván PP, primarily the El Chueco who is looking for the Fiscalía General del Estado traces the homicido of the two Jesuits and a group of tourists at the Lunes Pass.

  • The data: The alert migration alert for the National Institution of Migration sent 194 points of international transit to the territorial, aéreos, marítimos and terrestris.