Extremely right-wing terrorists are increasingly realizing that they need to ‘awaken the people’ through mass violence.

According to Court documentsAfter Pendley boasted on the MyMilitia.com forum, it came to the attention of the authorities that he had gone to Washington DC on January 6 to take part in the pro-Trump protests that day. He turned his shotgun on himself when apprehended by a police officer on the porch of the house where the shootings took place.

But then Pendle began talking about his plans to attack Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers using explosives from other militias on the encrypted Signals app. “AWS data centers are almost all centrally located,” he wrote to a man. “They’re going to hell on a massive scale. I haven’t got all the details, but here are my dangerous questions that I didn’t want to ask yet.”

His interlocutor was, in fact, an FBI informant, who eventually told Pendleton that he could obtain C4 explosives to use in his plot. “If I had cancer or something else, I would have dropped bombs on these servers,” Pendle told him, and he hoped the coordinated attack would “destroy about 70 percent of the Internet.”

Pendle personally met with an informant in Fort Worth, accompanied by a man Pendle who believed he was the source of the explosives, but who was in fact an FBI agent. He explained his strategy to men:

The main goal is to eliminate Amazon servers. There are 24 buildings in the United States through which all this data runs. Three of them are with each other, and they run 70 runs on 24 internet. And the government, especially the top officials – the CIA, the FBI, the special shit – they have a 8 8 billion annual contract with Amazon that runs through these servers. So we hire these servers, and it will destroy the whole family system.

He told agents that the key to the strategy was to provoke the government to a response that would awaken the people.

It just depends on how they react. It’s like a hit. Hopefully they will react the way I want them to. Hopefully, they tell the world in a weird way that they’re acting so fast that they’re in a dictatorial dictatorship, and then hope like hell that some people on the fence jump off the fence. Apply.

On April 8, Pendle met with an undercover agent in Fort Worth, who was expected to hand over the explosives. The agent gave him a set of C4 bombs – which were defused – and showed him how to detonate them. Pendle put him in the trunk of his car and was immediately apprehended by a team of FBI agents. At his home, they found an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle with a barrel cut and illegally sealed – a gun Pendley claimed he had taken to Washington on January 6 – wig and mask and The toy with the pistol was painted like a gun.

Pendle had pleaded guilty in June to malicious attempts to destroy a building with explosives. Last fridayHe was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Acting U.S. Attorney Perrick Shah said in a statement, “As this case shows, fundamentalists are hiding on the Internet, looking for ways to eliminate them.

Seth Aaron Pendley’s conviction is a confirmation of the work that the North Texas Joint Terrorism Task Force does 24 hours a day to prevent threats while protecting our community from harm. FBI Dallas Special Agent in charge Matthew J. Desarno said.. Public vigilance in reporting suspicious or threatening behavior is key to law enforcement’s ability to take immediate action to prevent injuries and property damage.

Certainly, his arrest and prosecution reflect a welcome change in federal law enforcement priorities. During the last decade, When the focus of domestic counterterrorism was primarily on Islamist fundamentalists and the extreme threat of “environmental terrorism” – a clear real-world record of growing terrorist violence by right-wing extremists. even so. During these years – and especially. During the Trump administrationThe presence of terrorist targets became almost invisible to law enforcement when it was carried out by white Americans.

This syndrome came into play. The October 2017 massacre in Las Vegas. A middle-aged white gunman named Stephen Paddock. Las Vegas police investigators and the FBI found that they could not determine the motive for the attack on the open-air concert crowd, which killed 58 people and injured more than 800, although the weight of the evidence made it clear. Inside, Paddock was, in fact, a right-wing extremist who used conflicting beliefs about the federal government and gun control.

Padak, like Pendleton, hoped that his action would affect the government’s response, which would change public awareness. “Someone has to wake up the American people and they have to arm themselves,” he told a man a few days before the shooting. “Sometimes sacrifices have to be made.”

This is the kind of meta strategy. Famous among academics Those who refer to terrorism as “jujitsu politics” are a rebel strategy to mobilize new support by exposing the government’s response to insurgent attacks. As An expert keeps it: “The logic of terrorist violence suggests that targeting elections reflects key objectives of extremist organizations. By inciting democratic leaders to use excessive force, terrorist groups undermine the legitimacy of government and extremism Fans improve the image of the organization with supporters and potential allies.

Pendleton’s arrest and prosecution are another clear indication that the Biden administration has quietly resigned.Accepting the right kind of action. There is a need to counter the rising tide of extreme right-wing extremism, beginning with effective interrogation and imprisonment of violent right-wing extremists. And it seems to be quietly handling the matter without playing directly into the hands of a mastermind like him, working to avoid excessive reactions.

Biden’s approach since the January 6 coup has been, in general, cautious: avoidance Both “war on terror” rhetoric. And with that comes heavy-handed reform strategies. Of management. Strategy announcement, While Problem with many important referencesStill, it is prudent and focused on enforcing pre-existing laws on books.

However, extremist terrorists such as Pendleton and Paddock do not always rely on excessive government response, as they can count on a line of conspiratorial ideologies and right-wing propaganda. Perception Excessive reactions even when no one is present. This was the function after which Alex Jones of Informas served. Las Vegas MassacreSpreading “false flag” conspiracy theories, the “global” government is pursuing a conspiracy to seize American guns – which was exactly the impression that Paddock wanted to create.

Now, in the wake of the January 6 uprising, Tucker is holding a similar event on Fox News for millions more than Carlson Jones: Engage in gas lighting refusal. About the intentions of the mob that besieged the capital, then the hyperbub heaped up.Lie on lie The Biden administration’s response to the incident and the threat of white nationalist terrorism.

Real white nationalist terrorists like Seth Pendle are counting on it.

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