Fallis James Rado, Cocker Dale Musical ‘Hair’

New York James Rado, co-creator of the innovative musical hippie “Hair” who celebrates the protest, the marijuana and the love liberty and who announces the camino for the rock song on Broadway, falls. Tenía 90 años.

Rado murió de un paro cardiorrespiratorio el martes por la noche en Nueva York, inforó su amiga y publicista Merle Frimark.

“Hair”, with libraries and lyrics by Rado and Gerome Ragni and Galt MacDermot’s music, was the first rock musical on Broadway, the first spectacle of Broadway to present a total and the first to present one of the best people of the same sex.

There are other rock music pieces like “Jesus Christ Superstar” (“Jesus Christ Superestrella”) and “Rent”. The idea that “Hamilton”, one of the pocos musical de Broadway de lacúdas cuyas canciones llagaron to the lists of popularity, includes “Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In” by The Fifth Dimension, which is from the 1970s

The song “Rock music of tribal love estadounidense” was sung in its public theater in the Public Theater in the East Village of New York in 1967 and also played along Broadway, where it had more than 1,800 functions. Rado interpreted Claude, a young man from the point of being recluted and sent to Guerra in Vietnam.

Perry the Tony in 1969 before the more traditional “1776”, but a Grammy. Una nueva puesta de 2009 fue galardonada con el Tony a la mejor repositón. The spectacle also appeared in cine in 1979 in a película dirigida by Milos Forman protagonized by Treat Williams and Beverly D’Angelo.

In 2019, the original collection of the Broadway of 1968 was incorporated into the National Register of Grabaciones of the Congressional Library.

“Hair” is the story of Claude and Berger, many friends who met the liberties of the Decade of the 1960s. New York Lena de hippies dragados y torstas indignados que no apreban las tegemaniz salvages. In a song, Claude cant concomitantly: “or Por qué vivo, por qué muero? Dime a dónde voy, dime por qué”.

The spectacle is ludicrous and cathartic, but there is also a sensation of indignation in its protests against guerrillas, racism, sexism, contamination and the hypocrisy General de Una época dominada in intermediation.

“I always liked that ‘Hair’ was treated as if it weren’t there,” Rado told The Associated Press in 1993. “‘Hair’ has a very spiritual message, and it has a message that spreads: the life is more than the form in which we have ideals, explicit and eloquent”.

Rado nació in Venice, California, and creased in Rochester, New York and Washington. After serving two years at the Marina Estadounidese, he joined New York and the studio with Paula and Lee Strasberg.

He was part of the Broadway race “Marathon ’33” in 1963 and interpreted Ricardo Corazón de León in “The Lion in Winter” (“The Lion in Inverter”) in 1966 joined Christopher Walken. Conquer the Ragni when it was selected for the musical “Hang Down Your Head and Die” of Broadway.

We were also interested in creating a new type of spectacle and its center in the hippie hip. The “hair” subscribers share an apartment in Hoboken, Nueva Jersey, and Rado originates from the pamphlet Claude of Claude on Broadway.

“Ball” encounters resistance in all countries. Además del uso de palabrotas, el desprecio de la autoridad, las referencias sexo y el humor grosero, al final del primer ato to eleco se desnudaba para “mein kahan jaaun” y hubo lo que muchos vieron como una profanación de laband. .

Descriptions of “Hair”, Rado wrote the music and the letter “Rainbow” off-Broadway, which was written freely with her husband, Ted Rado. More often than not, with Ragni to create the libretto and the letter “Sun”. Ragni died in 1991. Rado wrote a new show called “American Soldier” with her husband.

In 2009, Rado, MacDermot and Ragni Fueron incorporated into the Salon de la Fama de los Compositores. Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr., from the group The Fifth Dimension, joined one of the broadcasters with the Broadway team for a final that ended the pie at the end of a million invitations to the ceremony. MacDermot murió en 2018.

Rado deja to her husband Ted Rado, his cousin Kay Rado, his sisters Melanie Khoury, Emily DiBona and Melissa Stuart, and some others.