Fans hailed England’s win as a ‘triumph for girls across the country’


England fans have hailed the team’s Euro win as “a triumph for girls across the country”.

Among the nearly 90,000 fans at Wembley Stadium on Sunday, where the Lionesses beat Germany in the final, were family groups, including young women and girls.

There was a carnival-like atmosphere as a huge sea of ​​England flags were carried outside the stadium after the match, with supporters cheering, blowing horns and singing Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline and Queen’s We Are The Champions.

Two young girls with St. George flags draped over their faces enthusiastically sang It’s Coming Home.

England fans celebrate at Wembley (James Manning/PA) / PA Wire

Large groups hugged each other and danced.

Megan Moriness, from Chelmsford, Essex, who watched the game with her boyfriend Max, told the PA news agency: “There were a lot of young girls and women here to watch the match – who says we have Don’t like football?

He played very well against a really good team in Germany and represented the country well.

“It wasn’t just a historic sports win, it was a win for girls across the country.”

Mary Keane, 33, from Macclesfield, Cheshire, who watched the game with her eight-year-old daughter Sam, said: “Finally the girls brought the football home.

“We’re delighted, it’s historic, it was magic there and an important moment for the women’s game.”

England fans celebrate in the stands (Jonathan Brady/PA) / PA Wire

Other fans said the atmosphere inside the stadium was “electric” and a huge “step” for women’s sports.

Another said the Lions’ performance was “fantastic” and the team members will go down as “legends”.

During the match, dozens of fans without tickets were watching the match on their phones near the ground.

Craig Stephens, 58, and his wife Julie, 54, from Twickenham, south-west London, said: “We just wanted to be around Wembley when the game was on, it’s really historic.”

When England went 1-0 up, many cheered and clapped, while chants could be heard in a nearby pub.

Maria Quinn, 27, from Willesdon, north-west London, said: “I felt Toon would do something, we’ve got our substitutes throughout the tournament.”

The stadium could be heard buzzing when the second goal was scored, before those outside saw it.

England fans celebrate with body paint at Wembley Stadium (James Manning/PA) / PA Wire

Lucy Richards, 19, told PA: “I can’t believe it, what a time to score.”

A group of German fans draped in red, black and yellow flags were visibly upset.

The whole time, people in the streets were celebrating and cars were honking.

A police officer was seen telling his colleague on the phone not to watch the match.

Supporters entering the stadium ahead of the 5pm match were largely positive and calm, with police causing little trouble.

Groups of young women chanted “It’s coming home”, joined by fans outside pubs and restaurants.

Young children were also seen leading the chant as their parents followed close behind.

The nearby Box Park was also packed with a performance by pop group S Club 7.

Chelsea Women’s Football Manager Emma Hayes was urging the crowd to chant and cheer loudly.

Rachel Wilson, from Preston, Lancashire, was with her daughter Holly, who plays for Manchester United’s under-13 girls.

Ms Wilson said: “We are very proud of the team for showing that girls and women can play football.”

Childminder Helen Charlesworth, from Orpington, Kent, was with her 22-year-old daughter Darcy, who has enjoyed football since she was eight and started playing alongside the boys because there were girls’ teams nearby. were not

Despite playing at centers of excellence and doing “very well”, her daughter was left out of the women’s game due to “lack of funds”.

Ms Charlesworth said: “The fact that the women’s game is growing is amazing.

“This tournament has definitely helped grow the game and build support for it.”

Emma Newman, 21, a student from Whitby, North Yorkshire, said: “It’s a really good atmosphere, people come here just to watch the match and nothing else.

“It’s okay that the fans aren’t causing trouble, these women are inspiring and deserve the support they deserve.”