Fans of Love Island recreated Majorkin Villa in The Sims


Fans of Love Island have rebuilt a brand new villa in The Sims, complete with shelter and a pit of fire.

Steph, also known as Steph0Sims Online Username, is a Sims creator and YouTuber.

Comparing the similarities between playing reality TV and the Sims with free will, Steve explained how she got into building her beloved island villa in the game.

Steve said in a statement: “Playing The Sims, especially when you let them go wild and do their own thing, literally feels like a reality TV show playing in front of your eyes. Be

“You never know what they’re going to do next, and it’s really fun to watch TV.”

The creator of Sims has spent Rs 15 crore on the construction of Love Island Villa.

/ Steph0Sims

Sims’ creators spent 15 hours building the villa – plus its garden and pool – and built it without a destination plan. He said: “Literally just guessing! Love Island didn’t issue a destination plan, so I had to work on it based on the size of the rooms and the furniture.

“Everything had to be placed individually on the floor, including all the strip lights, so I ended up with 15 hours of recorded footage.”

Season 8 Island is spending the summer in the brand new Majerkin Villa, which is bigger and more outdoor than the original.

The new home, however, features the original villa’s signature bright orange carpets, funky pink retro lights, and traditional neon hearts – all redesigned into a masterpiece from Steph’s Sims.

But now the villa has been built, just need some single sims in search of love.

About the current Low Islanders, she would like to host the most in her villa, Steve said: And try not to get caught by other Sims. I care.

“Aiken-Soo is the main character. Aiken Sim is coming soon.”

Steve’s creation caught the attention of The Sims Twitter account, which said: “It’s fair, don’t you agree, LoveIsland.”