Fauna cuisine la narcocultura en la pantalla

The Mexican director Nicoleás Pereda in his film Fauna manages the representation of the narcocultura in the series or películos and why the public has adopted archetypes that believe in its integrity for its realism, like the manera de vestir, or a vulture Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! There’s a lot of violence in front of us and it’s a lot more complete.

“The plants and the smells of the Violence of Violence like the pared llena de Balazos are a kind of archetypal, we feel that the cotidianidad of the Violence of the world, of the world in which we live, is a lot of love, a lot of carousels” with La Razón.

To be sure the real toma como eje is an actor who actually forms part of the Ellenko de Narcos: Mexico, además se inspire in the novel Los carteles no existen, by Osvaldo Zavala.

“There is a critique in the representation of the violet in the art in general, since the contemporary art, in the series of televisions, preferring the películos and the theater. Reduce the potential of entendimenti. No ayuda a apertura, sino que suelle reducir esa violetcia a ciertos espacios y arquetipos ”, explicó.

It is too late to make a película about narcos, not the temas in the ones that enter, because the disconnected bastante, but it is a sign about the representation of narcissistic

Nicholas Praida, Director

In the longitudinal history presented by Luisa and Gabino, who traveled to Mexico from the north to visit his fathers, who had a fascination with the novel of his hija, Paco (Francisco Barrera), who acted in the Marquis of Naco. I feel incredible because of the manera in which he tries to make his profile.

To plant history, Nicoleás Pereda has an interesting cinematographic exercise in which he builds a fictional center within the fictional, as far as the realities of reality are concerned, as if he were a matriarch.

“The Uruguayan secretary Mario Levrero used special traces of thrillers, situations in which a cree that is inside a new policaya and, in fact, the person engages with a golf game in the juguito computer game. The golf durante 8, 9 or 10 points, and the cream, where are they? This is where the part is ”, explicit.

The next thing that comes to mind is that the line of Levrero is determined to be a participant in the United Nations Actual de Jonah serie that abounds narcotráfico.

“It simply came to our notice then that there was a capacity for interpretation and I was intrigued by the fact that the universe was equal to the representation. Appointed Director.

Fauna se aleja de la structura narrativa convencional para contar la historia de Luisa y Gabino, dos hermanos que van a visitar a sus padres. Ella presents her family to Paco, her novel, an actor who recently participated in Narcos: Mexico.

Nicoleás Pereda used his own elements of narrative extracts of the realism and inserted into the trauma, which came to his notice as a hybrid in documentary and fiction. For these geometries, there will be one more with the collective theatrical lagartijas tiradas al sol, which will be maintained by Lázaro Gabino Rodríguez, Luisa Pardo, Francisco Barreiro and Mariana Villegas. Dentro de Fauna, the personas llevan los mismos nombres que los actores que los interpretan, pues el director toma mucho de ellos para construir su universo.

About this film, Luisa Pardo, the protagonist of Fauna, commented: ۔


  • Director: Nicholas Pereda
  • Peace: Mexico
  • Estrino: 23 de Junio