FDA advisers analyze Modern’s third code food facility.

Of Israeli health officials Said on Thursday Booster food Vaccine Against Coved From Pfizer-Biotech Improving protection against serious illness in people 40 years of age and older. American scientist Joe They check Need for food Modern booster vaccine.

The figures were presented at a meeting of external advisers. US Food and Drug Administration, Who are due to vote on the need for a third dose after Thursday. Modern vaccines. At least six months after the initial injection of two injections.

The FDA usually seeks the advice of its experts, but does not need to do so.

Modern Booster seeks approval for injections which include. 50 microgram vaccine, Half the strength of your regular dose but still more than Pfizer-Biotech injections, which contain 30 micrograms of vaccine.

Of Dr. Offer Levy.A member of the committee said it was important to note that the United States and Israel had different populations and that the vaccines used by Israel were different, but added that since they were both identical messenger RNAs or MRNs. O use technology, Israel’s results are relevant.

The committee will vote on whether people over the age of 65 should be given a modern booster six months after the second dose, as well as people at high risk of severe covid and people between the ages of 18 and 64 who are at risk. Are suffering Come out often Corona virus infection Because of their jobs

If the FDA approves the Modern Booster, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Issue specific recommendations as to who should be vaccinated.

“What we are seeing is a gap in the epidemic curve in Israel,” said Dr. Sharon Al-Roi Press, director of public health services at the Israeli Ministry of Health.

He said that the booster vaccination program, which All age groups now cover 50% of the population., Is also starting to reduce infections in insecure populations in Israel.

Israel which has. Vaccines are being closely monitored in its population.A slide presentation stated that the booster dose provided greater protection against confirmed infections in people over 16 years of age.


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