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E-cigarette maker Juul gets ax

FDA company ordered Thursday’s halt to sales and distribution of its ubiquitous vaping devices in the US was a dramatic end to a company dominating the e-cigarette market and at the top of its game valued at $38 billion.

Juul will no longer be able to sell its vapes nor its 5 percent or 3 percent tobacco and menthol-flavored pods “without risk” in the US.[ing] Enforcement Action” from the US Food and Drug Administration. Retailers will also be prohibited from stocking Juul products in the US

The FDA’s ban against Juul comes after the company failed to provide consistent evidence about the safety of its vapes and tobacco pods.

“As is the case with all manufacturers, JUUL had the opportunity to provide evidence that the marketing of their products met these standards,” said Michelle Mittal, acting director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products. “However, the company did not provide that evidence and instead left us with important questions.”

The FDA clarifies that its actions do not prohibit direct personal possession or use of Juul products, although obtaining the company’s vapes and pods is going to be more difficult for US-based users.

The regulatory crisis had already cut the company’s valuation drastically, but the FDA’s actions point to an outright doom for its US operations. joule competitor reynolds american And Enjoy Holdings The first authorization was received and they will be allowed to continue selling their own products, although the FDA maintains that tobacco is harmful and addictive, even when vaporized.