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El Presidente de la Reserva Federal (Fed), Jerome PowellIt was even more obvious that there was a feeling that the furrows at the intersection would be able to bring the economy of the United States to a recession, declaring that it is possible and qualifying an aerodrome. ”

“Since embargo, the other thing is that we will not restrain the establishment of precision and allow it to be inflated with higher inflation in the economy”, said Powell to the legislators. “We can’t fall into this trap.

The President of the Fed testified against him Comité Bancario del Senado During the first two days of the audience in the Congress. In his comments, Powell said that the functions “anticipate the aunts of the tassas in the course of the apiyados” to avoid the precautions of more than 40 hours.

“Obviously, the inflection is too much for the past, and it may be too much for them. Camera Financial Services Services of Juves.

The ‘manotazo’ of the Fed

Last week, the Federal Committee of the Mercado Abierto raised its interest rates by 75 points, the mayor said since 1994, a rating of 15 per cent to 1.75 per cent. Powell told the periodicals that the reunion was about 75 points higher, or a movement of 50 points higher, was about the next minute. But there was no direct reference to the future of aumentos during the audience of myrrh.

The President of the Fed has raised an issue of questions about the recession, and the Economists have always had a probability of a recession in a few moments we try two more. The expatriate from the New York Fed, Bill Dudley, wrote an opinion in a column. Bloomberg The miracles that a resurrection is “inevitable” in the 12 to 18 months.

“The economic status quo is very fruitful and is very good position to manage a more monetary political monarchy”, said Powell in his commentary app. More than that The Fed said, “We are not trying to provoke and we do not know that we are provoking a resurrection.”.

The President of the Fed also said that I don’t see the probability of a receipt as specifically elevated at this moment.But admitting that it was “definitely a possibility”, and the fact that the recent events have made it clear that the Fed could reduce the inflation rate would be a mercurial merchant.

Unterrizaje suave “es nuestro objetivo. Va a ser muy desafiante. It has become much more meaningful than the last few months, thinking about the guerrillas and the precautions of the material matters and other issues with the governing body ”.

What do economists say?

“The preconceived notion of recession is a little more palpable,” said Derek Tang, economist at LH Meyer, a firm of political analysts in Washington. The message from the Fed that the Fed is not trying to get a response, even though it may result in a continual aumentando las tasas,

The insiders hope that the central bank of the United States of America, following the test, has a maximum of 3.6 per cent, so that the mediums of the testimonials are not, but the futures of the interns.

“The conditions of the financiers are endorsed and discontinued in a series of auntsos and that is apropyado”, Diego Powell said. “We want to be adorable and strong.”

The index of the Consumer of the Department of Labor added an 8.6 per cent to the latter’s respect for the latter, a maximum of several decadas. The data from the University of Michigan show that the hogares estadounides expect an inflation of 3.3 per cent so long as we reach the peak of 10 years, the mayor from 2008 and superior to 3 per cent.

The cost of living will be explained to the statesmen and the position of the representatives of President Joe Biden among the votes before the interim legislative elections in November.

Paul taught his critics about the concept of inflation, especially the part of the Republicans, and the senator from Alabama, Richard Shelby, who said,

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