‘Federación ha perdido el Estado de Derecho’

چیہواہوا.– Luego de considerar que el estado de derecho se le está saliendo de control at Gobierno federal por tanta Violencia, el Presidente de la Camara Nacional de Comercio (Canaco) de Chihuahua, Omar Armendáriz, indicating that as com- mercants alozqueen laozqueen decision “or Basta. ”

He said that there was a lot of preoccupation with the insensitivity, “no problem in Chihuahua, sino in every corner”, or that he could see groups of people who were waiting for him, and “no he could tolerate this”.

Apparently, the Violence against the Jews that passed in Ciudad Juárez preoccupied a lot and made it directly a United Nations association of the Chamber of Commerce.

The President of the Chihuahua Canaco indicates that we will not be able to deal with the specifics of the federal corporations’ security, “without embargo, we will see the negative consequences of the national anthem.”

Apparently, as the merchants of the precoopa were very much in love with each other in the material of insecturia, and recall:

Consider that the “State of Derecho, the platoon, is still in control of the federal control of Gobierno” and as the merchants are preoccupied, they say “in a city or country there is no commerce or economy”.

“We need the federal government to act, because we can say a lot of things, but the truth is that we are seeing results, and the results are violations”, lamentó.

Infatuated that there is actually a Violence that is so bad that the society was established habitually, “and we can’t find it.”

Omar Armandáriz indicates that as far as Violence is concerned, the merchants of Tiananmen say that they want the voice and say “Ya basta”.

He wrote that he had killed the young man at Ciudad Juárez, while several people were furious at a restaurant, much to their alarm.

The leader of the commerce organization said that the business community was “aware of all its negatives to generate economic growth, generate jobs and increase the value of Violence is very important”.

Omar argues that it is not right that the President of Mexico should maintain his current policy or strategy against the delinquency. “We want to be obedient and not politicized,” he said.

The President of the Canaco Abundance that the actual politics of security is the most absurd that he has escalated and is not functional, or that the insensitivity has amassed more in the country than in other parts of the world.

‘Kampala lale from the well’

On his own, the President of the Conseido Coordinador Empresarial (CCE), Federico Baeza Mares, executed publicly the three emblems of Gobierno that have compiled the leyes.

Durante una rueda de prinsa en el marco del Anual de Fechac, apuntó que estos lamentables hechos hablan de la con voz y voto ”.

Aggression that the privacy of the private sector in the matter of security with its fidelity commissions, as it is a travesty of Ficosec, because it does not matter which of the escorts and tokens in the view that is definitely seen in the view. que la ensarado.

The emperor said that if he wanted to do it, he would combine the hairs and that the haga would, as castigado conform to the deracho. “If this is the case, it is a great concern to have the federation, the state and the municipality”, infatuated.

Baeza Mares indicates that the chihuahuense empire is one of the most impressive pagodas in the national arena, ubicados en el segundo o tercer lugar, por lo que “el sector está haciendo la tarea y ahora hay un pendédmari se”.

Indicates that the Judicial Poder of the genre or “more condescending condos, that ponga a pensar a los delincuentes y no se siga comitiendo los homicidios dolosos que mucho afectan a toda la ciudadanía… aquellosiañaquecoque.”

Federico Baeza found that when something goes wrong, it definitely generates a lot of collateral.