Fight the desire of Kansas City.

Dave Toley, senior reporter for, is in his fourth season with The Post’s Bettor’s Guide. Fragments of his disability are published in VSiN’s online magazine, Point Spread Weekly.

Buffalo Bills (+3) on Kansas City Chiefs.:

I love Patrick Mahmoz as much as I love the next football fan, but I’m not so sure the right team has been chosen here. The troublemakers obviously have to stick to their power rating and the public’s desire to bet on the chiefs, but Josh Allen and Bills’ offense (No. 5 yard per game) is playing exactly the same if the chiefs Don’t get better (not 2 yards per game, but do a lot of business) so far this season. Buffalo defense (with two shutouts and ranked No. 1 in the yard, every game is allowed with Chiefs Ranking No. 31) is much better. But, hey, we’ll take any point they’re willing to give us.

    Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bulls runs off the # 17 ball.
Josh Allen and Bill’s offense have matched the Chiefs this season.
Michael Reeves / Getty Images

Detroit Lions (+9) over the Minnesota Vikings.

The Lions are clearly the best 0-4 team in the NFL (although the Jaguars are only the second winning team), but they are even better than many 1-3 teams. He covered the losses of the 49ers (barely) and the Ravens (who should have won the game), and the loss to the Packers was more competitive than the final score of 35-17. I was disappointed that he came out briefly against the Bears, but I came back to him this week against a Minnesota team that looked terrible in the Browns’ ugly 14-7 defeat. Now, we may not be giving the Cleveland defense the credit it deserves to suppress the Vikings, but we expect the Lions to be able to stay within a touchdown.

Previous Week: 1-1, Cardinals (W), Vikings (L)

Season: 5-3.


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